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Jul 15, 2006 at 1:42am
Running into Sin
by Virgo
Syndel, known as 'The Sinner' by many, ran, leather-clad legs pounding on the dusty roads, the shouting behind him only made him run faster. He swore under his breath as he saw a group of brutes move to intercept him from a side-road. Syn jumped, stepping on the biggest one's gut , bringing his knee up into the underside the large man's jaw and sending him careening backwards. He used the brute's fall as leverage and the springy, oversized belly as a trampoline, he rolled and righted himself, leaving the men in the dust with a shout of laughter. Glancing over his shoulder just before running into something hard, but pliant, entangling him in limbs, hands, feet, robes and whatever he was working himself into, "Erk!" He struggled with something around his neck, only to find that the something was a part of some woman's sash. He tore it off, freeing himself and standing swiftly, looking back to see the giant guard standing and looking around for him. He swore again, looking at the woman on the ground glaring at him and the group behind her, three more girls and a guy, "Um, look, I'll do anything you want, just protect me from them." He pulled the woman he knocked down to her feet and ducked behind her as the bulky guards came over.

"You lot seen a Dedriorine come this way? Purple-looking." The big one in the middle asked.

The woman he had ducked behind put her hand to her chin, "I dunno." She said, "There was something, kinda purple, that passed by not too long ago, looked like something scary was after him. Why do you wanna know?"

"Runaway slave, that's why." Said a green-skinned alien with four brutish arms.

"Slave?" The smallest girl asked, "That's ill..."

Another girl, both of them looking remarkably similar, sister's perhaps, elbowed her in the ribs, "It's legal on this planet, and even encouraged, keep you lip zipped, little sister." She snarled to the smaller girl. So he had been right.

"No, we haven't seen much of purple beings, but the one we saw, went that way." The woman said glaring back at the sisters.

The brutes looked at one another, nodded and ran off as Syn breathed a sigh of relief, just before he was slammed against the wall behind him cutting off his air supply, "Hey lady!" He gasped out, "I said I'd give you anything you want..." His eyes drooped and turned suddenly seductive, "Or do you like it rough?" He wrapped one of his leather tied legs around hers, sliding it up and up...

"Go any higher and I'll rip it off." The only male in the group snarled and Syn glanced at him.

"Ooo, scary." He replied, "I think the lady is..." He choked, the pressure on his throat becoming difficult to breathe around, "More than capable of talking herself..." He dropped his leg and the pressure eased, "Hell, woman, that hurt."

"Good, maybe next time you'll not try anything stupid." She said, "Tell me your name."

"The Sinner." He responded immediately.

"Your real name." She growled.

"Syndel Mariac." He glared at her and she responded in kind.

"Tell me why you ran away." She ordered.

"Because I didn't like it there anymore." His voice becoming angry, "I'm not hostile."

"I was ascertaining that for myself." She said, releasing him and allowing him to right himself.

"What's your name?" Syn asked her, adjusting his white shirt and shorts.

"Trine, that's Zalla there, and her sister Mystic, and Saffire and his sister Sebille." Trine said, pointing to each in turn.

Syn smirked, "Keeping it all in the family?"

Zalla looked offended, Mystic's eyes went wide, and Saffire and Sebille stared at him in shock.

Trine's hand came from nowhere and thwacked the back of his head, "That was dirty, and disgusting."

"I never said you had to take it that way." Syn rubbed the back of his head, glaring half-heartedly at Trine, "So what are you lot up to?"

"Looking for someone." Mystic said, the first to recover.

"Who? And can I help?" Syn asked, sidling up to her.

"His name is..." She paused at the glare from Zalla, "His name is Chrysth."

Syn did a double-take, "What?!" He hissed, "Chyrsth Donis? The Angel?"

"I don't know about the angel part, but yeah, Chrysth Donis." Sebille came from behind him, "The Angel?"

Syn shook his head, "If you don't know, then whatever, it's not my place, but, wow, I get to see The Angel again! Where did you see him last?"
Running into Sin · 07-15-06 1:42am
by Virgo

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