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The science fiction rollplay for members of Flight of Fancy.
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Jul 15, 2006 at 11:40pm
Visitor's of the Brothel
by Virgo
Syn led them on a merry chase through the streets of the city, carefully avoiding all the rough roads and the busy ones, keeping to the ones he knew best all the way back to the Black Feather Brothel. He shuddered as they came upon it, "The last time I was here..." He murmured.

"What?" Zalla had come up next to him, "What is it?"

"I used to..." He gave a decidedly wicked smirk, "Work here, but I was sold to a different master, the one I had recently, it was because this place went up in flames..." He trailed off, wrapping his arms around himself as if to stave off cold, "Not just regular yellow, orange, blue flames... these were silver and radiated hatred. That was the last time I saw The Angel, standing in the doorway there, madness gleaming in his eyes, blood-spattered, and..." Syn turned away, "Go talk, inquire, you may or may not like what you find out. I'll wait here." He took up a post outside, vanishing with surprising ease into the shadows.
Visitor's of the Brothel · 07-15-06 11:40pm
by Virgo

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