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Jul 22, 2006 at 3:47am
Lectured, and startled.
by Virgo
Chrysth stirred slightly, his erratic breathing had only settled in the past half-hour, and the bleeding in his hand not too long before that. Trine had tended the wound carefully and Syn had noted that the stitches seemed near perfect, or as perfect as a bone needle and twine could get. He shifted on the chair, yawning slightly, they had given him the boring job of keeping an eye on the sleeping man until he woke from his panic induced unconsiousness, or at least that was what Trine had said. Syn didn't believe it; he had only ever seen Angel show one emotion, anger, and apparently the others had seen less than that. There had better be a story on this one, or he was going to pout and Syn didn't like to play dirty. He studied the icy man, so still, so quiet, always alert, even in sleep, not a hair twitched, he even had to look a bit closer to see if Frigido was still breathing. He was, a bit to Syn's disappointment, he had been here for five hours and he was beginning to get a hankering for something deep-fried and sweet. He glanced around, making sure no one was around but him and Chrysth before sidling up to the side of the bed and poking the other man's face with a silver nailed finger.

Chrysth's eyes darted back and forth behind closed lids and the mouth pulled up into a sneer.

Syn giggled to himself and poked the pale cheek again, this time earning a low, almost inaudible growl from the white-haired man. He went to poke Chrysth again when a pale hand caught his in a tight grip, making the Dedriorine wince, "Hey, Angel, long time..."

"What are you doing here?" A wince as the other hand went to the hoarse throat.

"I was invited. Well, told, by Trine." Syn tugged at the vice-like hold Chrysth held on him.

"Trine... What happened?" He demanded, his voice a whisper this time.

"Vedrain had you, Trine and Sebille and Saffire and Zalla and Mystic all came to your rescue." Syn smiled, "I helped of course..."

"When? Where? How long ago was..." Chrysth coughed, sitting up and raising his hands above his head as he gasped for breath.

"Woah, woah, easy, we don't know exactly what happened to you, so Trine said that it's best to make sure you lie down..." Syn tried to push Chrysth back down, but wound up getting an angry glare for his troubles.

"I'll do as I feel necessary, she is not..." He fell silent again as another coughing fit took him, the gold eyes falling shut, as if bracing for something only he could feel.

Syn rolled his eyes, even back at the brothel Angel had always been the rebellious one, never to be broken, always strong, blah, blah, blah, sometimes Syn was just sick of the self-depricating act the stupid painted white human always pulled. "You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen, and the most self-centred, arrogant, pig-headed, moron I think I will ever see."

Chrysth looked taken aback by the outburst from the purple boy, "Excuse me?" He asked coldly.

"You think you can walk around with this haughty attitude like you hate people so much that you can't stand the thought of being around them, but guess what? We're not all out to get you, surprise, surprise. You hate yourself so much that you don't dare express something that could make people like you because.... because...." Syn punched the crystalline wall in frustration, "I had a point. I swear I had a point, but the fact still remains that you are an... an... an ass! And bitter. Like lemons." Syn huffed, "You have all these people who rescued and helped you, even though, from what I can tell you were a giant jerk to them, and you stil would disregard all that they did, just so you can wear that mask and push them away. I'd be willing to bet that's why your nightmares are so bad and why you..."

"He's awake? Finally." Trine came in then, making Syn fall silent and merely glare at the Blesser who seemed to still be in a state of shock from what Syn had said.

"Oh thank god, I thought you were going to be out all week." Zalla peered in a gave Chrysth a smile, who just looked at her, a single eyebrow raised, but no sneer forthcoming.

"How long?" He said, his voice carefully devoid of emotions.

"Two days." Trine murmured, pulling his hand towards her to check the stiches.

Chrysth didn't say anything, the golden eyes instead choosing to look around in well-disguised curiosity as to whose room he was in, it wasn't his, that was for sure.

"Is he going to be okay, Trine?" Zalla asked quietly, peering over the older woman's shoulder and at the black lines that trailed down Chrysth's palm.

"Yes, I just can't seem to figure out how you managed to cut yourself so deep." Trine said, "With such a clean cut."

"My sword." Chrysth answered blithely, reaching over with his free hand towards his clothing, his torso was bare once more, and his weapons, paritally unsheathing the katana and showing the bloodstain for Trine's inspection.


"It's not important." Chrysth said, giving a tired glare at Syn's tsk of disapproval.
Lectured, and startled. · 07-22-06 3:47am
by Virgo

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