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Aug 18, 2006 at 2:07am
A small telling of stories...
by Virgo
Chrysth tinkered in the bowels of his ship, silent and contemplative on his situation. He was being stupid, why on any planet would he be willing to share who he was... what he became and how it happened? It was the people, he decided, the people he flew with were worming their way into who he was, they were prying, just like that thrice cursed Elizabeth woman who was always trying to worm her way into his bed... or vice versa. He had been celibate for far too many years to let it go because of one, for lack of a better word, whore. He really should have killed her when he had the chance, it would have done away with her cumbersome husband as well, he was always nosing into this and that, particularly of his affairs, since she was so interested in him. Chrysth wiped his face and torso with the shirt he had discarded earlier to fix the Dragon's 'tickle'. He sighed, thwacking the area with his C wrench and kicking it, just for good measure, "You stupid thing, you just wanted me to pay attention to you again, didn't you?" He snarled, "I'm going to take you apart when I get the chance and rewire you with a different personality!"

"Now, now, Chrysth, don't... don't be irrational, please..." The Computer pleaded, "I was... Yes, I wanted you to pay attention to me, mostly because you always spend time with them and you're never down here anymore, just tinkering with this or that to see if the lasers will be more effective this way or that and... well, I miss you."

Chrysth frowned, "Remind me to kill the guy who gave computers personalities, this is sickening, just sickening..."

"Um, well, he's already dead, Chrysth." The Computer laughed weekly.

"Then find me an arcane Earth I ritual that will allow me to raise his half-rotten rear up and let me kill him again... and again... and again!" Chrysth grumbled, seating himself on the engine block and leaning against a wall. The soft humming allowed him to relax, and perhaps he did miss it, sitting here and fiddling with this or that, but the others made it impossible to simply... chill and be Chrysth instead of 'Blesser Chrysth'. He remembered, if only for a moment, what it was like to simply be, to enjoy the world instead of hate it.

He fell asleep there, dreaming of fields of gold and blue and of a time where, once upon a time, he was a bit more innocent.


"Syn. You knew Chrysth, didn't you?" Trine had cornered the Dedriorine in his room.

"I did, what's it to you?" Syn asked, suspicious of the woman's intent.

"Well, you can tell me about him, right? I know he isn't going to tell everything, and I want to hear about it all, the full story...."

Syn jumped up and moved around to the opposite side of the bed, "Oh no! You couldn't make me beg to tell you the story!" Syn shook his head viciously.

"Syndel, you know I did save you from those guards back there..." Trine said, "We could drop you back off there when we pass by again..."

Syn glared at her, "That's a low blow and you know it!"

"Yes, but I get what I want, don't I?" She said, raising her eyes.

"You don't seem to understand the workings of this man's head, if it is any way disagreeable to him, he will kill it. No matter what the consequence, no matter the cost, it pisses him off, it's toast. His past, is one of those things that I, will die for telling you. If you don't know it, then you were never meant to, he means to keep that buried, dead, and gone, and honestly, I don't blame him. When Vedrain get's a hold of a human, especially one with the anomalies that Chrysth has, he not only breaks them, he shatters them."

"Who is Vedrain?" Trine asked.

"No man, but a monster, bred off Drynt, sent there for lewd and violating acts on a minor on his planet... when he was fifteen." Syn replied, sitting in the corner that the bed and the wall made.

"What do you mean by 'anomalies that Chrysth has'?" She asked, hopping up onto the bed.

"What I mean is, I wouldn't be him for every freedom in this world." Syn replied, "He's not only pale in skin, but pale in hair, without being an albino, he can stand up to the sun perfectly fine. His family crossbred with Lupanum a few generations back and every now and again one or two come up that look like gods in mortal clothing, all hard muscle and white, like ice... or an Angel." Syn raised his eyebrows, "Hebtu and he are half-brothers, their mother was human, or partially anyways, that's the side that Chrysth got all his," Syn ran a hand up and down his face a few times, "You know?"

"All right, I see what you mean." Trine replied, laying out on the bed.

"Now, Hebtu's father was purebred Lupanum, he fell in love with Chrysth's mother shortly after Chrysth was born, the kicker is, Chrysth was living with his father at the time." Syn fell silent for a few moments, "I don't know if I should tell you more, but there is one more thing, hopefully it will help you choose the one question to ask the Angel of Death later."

Trine looked over at Syndel, "Go on."

Syn hesitated, "You understand, with Chrysth's... appearance, he lost some sanity or some chemicals in his head got seriously screwed up."

"Why are you telling me this?" Trine asked, "I already know."

"Because... because, when Chrysth was five years old... he killed his father." Syn said, crawiling up onto the bed and pulling his knees to his chest, "He did it shortly after his father sold him to the Black Feather Brothel for money. Chrysth was to be raised a whore and his father knew that they would do so to him, just to make a few extra bucks to spend and a free pass to any of the... workers, and the Black Feather." Syn's hand tugged at the end of his shirt, "We all have that mark, the feather, to show who we were owned by, all of them are in different places... I remember when Chrysth went to get his on... He never spoke much of what happened, all I know is that he had also lost his... virginity, in that room." Syn's voice had fallen nearly silent and Trine had to lean close to hear the last bit.

She was about to say something when a thunderous roar of anger resounded through the ship.


"Who messed with my controls!!??" Chrysth bellowed furiously at seeing the coordinates, "Zalla!!" He fumed for a moment, discovering the locks on the planet they were headed to. He huffed, "I hope you don't mind uninhabited planets." He murmured, not bothering with the trouble of changing the course, "There's nothing there but the animals." He sighed, his shirt still balled up in his hand and sleep crusting the corners of his eyes.

Trine came up behind him, "Where are we going?" She asked quietly.

"Netto." He huffed, to tired to care about much at the moment, "Blesser Trine, didn't you have a question, you wanted to ask me?" He said softly, his eyes studiously on the ground, "Please do request me to tell you what you want within the binds of that question."

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A small telling of stories... · 08-18-06 2:07am
by Virgo

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