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Sep 7, 2006 at 3:37am
The Rubic's Cube
by Virgo
Chrysth thought for a long time over what Trine had said to him, fiddling with his logic puzzles all the while. Is that what he had wanted this whole time? Someone to trust, someone to have not just faith in his abilities, but in himself as well? The little wooden blocks clicked slightly as he placed them together, but if that was all he wanted, why had it taken him that long to figure it out? Why, for the life of him, did it make his entire body ache with strange emotion? He didn't understand everything that was happening to him, and that was pissing him off more than anything else that was happening currently. He finished the puzzle and tossed it aside, grabbing up the next one greedily and setting to work on it. So he had spilled his guts to her, so what? He opened to her like he had never opened to anyone, why? Why her? The metal rings chinked together almost violently as he struggled with it, was it something in her eyes when she had said she desired not to hurt him but help him? Help him, honestly, no one helped him unless they wanted something. He was the longest standing Blesser, he knew the ropes like know other and how to bend the rules more than any other around him. But... she appeared as if she wanted nothing. Was that possible? To approach him, no fear, no apprehension, and honestly say that they meant him no harm? The rings came apart and the rod in the centre fell into his lap.

Perhaps she was true to what she said. What then? He snorted, impossible, humans are known for their inability to tell the truth, even in the simplest of situations, they even had professional liars, they were called actors... and occasionally politicians. He picked up the rod, twirling it between his fingers, but Trine... her spoken word was often proven to be actuality, so perhaps she was not as vicious a liar as her fellow humans, but the question still remained, was she truthful in her words about him?

He stood, rifling through his cabinets for the ancient mind-puzzle, still thought of to be one of the most difficult in the entirety of the years that the human race had lived. The Rubic's Cube. He pulled the little cube from it's hiding place, the paper on the blocks, worn and almost faded to the point you couldn't hardly tell them apart, but he could, and that was all that mattered.

Her eyes... it was her eyes that told him her story. Her eyes said she was honest and good and pure and sweet and kind... everything that he was not. She was his complete opposite in every way. She was good, he was evil, she was honest, he put up a front, she wore her heart on her sleeve, he put up a wall, she was soft, and he... he was as harsh as the cruelest sun.

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, his black nails resting across his cheeks as he twisted the Cube with one hand. Trine, she was like this Rubic's cube, complicated and twisted, very difficult to figure out, would it be worth it in the end, to puzzle out her twisted colours, or would it leave him even more twisted up than before? He set the Cube down next to the Dragon's access console, poking at it listlessly.

"Chrysth? Are you all right?" The Computer was curious, another annoying personality trait.

"I'm fine Computer." Chrysth replied.

"But you didn't finish this time." Lights flashed around the Cube before returning to their original places.

"I know. I didn't feel like it this time." Chrysth went to put it away.

"But you never not finish." The Computer protested.

Chrysth glared at the console, "I didn't feel like it." He growled, setting it in its place. He sighed, the conflict within him beginning to eat at him and his walls and he could feel them crumbling beneath the weight of his struggles.


He looked up, pretending not to be startled by the Dedriorine that had appeared at his side, "Yes?" He asked calmly.

"We're coming up on the planet, I can see it out the window." Syn replied, touching Chrysth's shoulder, "Are you all right, you seem shaken."

Chrysth frowned, "I'm fine." He said, his tone clipped.

Syn raised an eyebrow, "If you say so."

"Port or starboard, Syn?" Chrysth asked.


"The planet?" Chrysth frowned, tapping his foot.

"Uh... starboard." Syn replied quickly, seeing the semi-homicidal gleam in Chrysth's eye.

"I see, good." Chrysth flipped a few switches across his board, "Computer, prepare landing procedures."

"As always, Chrysth." The Computer sighed.

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The Rubic's Cube · 09-07-06 3:37am
by Virgo

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