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Jan 18, 2007 at 11:23pm
Trine's Failure
Trine stood alone in the empty ship and frowned. Who had taken over INS and why? It seemed like years since she eavesdropped on that fateful conversation, the one that made her leave INS in a hurry, the one that lead to the Protectors death.

With smooth movements, Trine stretched, tensing her muscles and releasing them, releasing the stress that mounted each time she was near Chrysth. She couldn't explain what he did to her. It was so frustrating.

She twisted around and went to the doorway of the ship, looking out at the bright blue landscape of the planet Zalla had chosen. With a tilt of her head, Trine studied the strange collection of people that were lost refugees from INS. The cold evil that had brought them together proved that fate was more powerful than any other.

The visit Trine had made to the Oracle on INS had instructed her of the future her life as a Blesser held. She hadn't wanted to believe it, hadn't wanted to believe that she was destined for failure. But, INS had been taken and she was adrift with others that could do nothing to battle the tide of darkness that raped the universe.

With a sigh, Trine leaned against the frame of the ships hatch and stared at nothing. The dreams she had held so tightly as a young woman were fading and the nightmares were returning. The Oracle had told her of her choices. She had chosen to run. Fear had overtaken logic and she had fled, taking others with her. Of course, the Oracle had explained that running would be the better option. The evil that ruled INS wanted her, after all, and if she stayed...

A tear slid down her cheek and startled her. She reached up a hand and touched the liquid drop in silent wonder. She had failed to become the salvation for INS but she had saved the important few, the ones that the Oracle insisted were vital. Hadn't she?

Once more, Trine looked out at the group moving about the planet's blue surface and met Chrysth's steady gaze. In a heartbeat she knew that the Oracle was right...about everything.
Trine's Failure · 01-18-07 11:23pm
by DragonWrites~The Fire Faerie~

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