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Jan 25, 2007 at 1:01am
Finding the Truth Behind the Mask
by Virgo
Chrysth broke his gaze with Trine, he needed to step away from the group for awhile, he had a sneaking suspicion that something was going to happen and soon, but just what, he wasn't certain. He felt he needed to take a step back, evaluate the people that had somehow forced their way into his life, onto his ship, and through his shell. He watched Zalla fly off somewhere, likely similar thoughts on her mind and Trine looked just as lost in her head as he was, so he assumed it was safe to let them sit for awhile while he went to go fetch this or that, there wasn't anything too dangerous on this planet, they should be fine for a few hours.

He made his excuses quickly and gave a short nod of his head to Trine, completely ignoring the others and avoiding all contact with Syndel. He was silent as he moved through the dense foliage, pulling down this or that from a tree that grew here or there, his mind running over his conversations with the others in his head just before it hit him. He stopped as the knowledge dumped itself on him suddenly with little warning. He hadn't had a nightmare since they had left Drynt. He had slept peacefully, quietly, and had woken refreshed.

Chrysth nearly dropped his load of food as he came to terms with this knowledge, he was floored, there had never been a day when he hadn't had a nightmare or when he had slept soundly, if there was, he could not remember a time. He had always had nightmares, or at least dreaded them until he couldn't sleep properly, how could they just, all of a sudden, with no warning, stop? He sat down on a rock and broke open a piece of fruit, munching on it as he thought over this recent development.

His doctor had said that the nightmares would slow if he relaxed a little more. Perhaps... perhaps letting the others see more of him wouldn't kill him, perhaps it would even remove the nightmares all together. He wiped the juice off his chin and stood, returning to the others, his form more... at ease than it normally was, even allowing a ghost of a smile to sweep his face as he watched Zalla start for what he had brought, a gleam of hunger in her eyes.

He stepped back with the cherry-tasting fruit in his hands and went towards a tree-looking thing, sliding down it and flopping backwards onto the ground to rest at the base of the tree, nodding off slowly as the sounds of the forest came to life around him.

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Finding the Truth Behind the Mask · 01-25-07 1:01am
by Virgo

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