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Oct 3, 2007 at 1:38am
Re: What's your favorite episode?
Haha! Favorite episode ...

TOS: "Patterns of Force" - a historian establishes a Nazi state on a planet. I like this episode because it really makes you THINK. What went wrong with this society? The historian used that model for the society because it was the most efficient government in history, and this planet needed help. But as is talked about later in the episode, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It makes you think about history repeating itself.

TNG: "Frame of Mind" or "Unification I & II" - in "Frame of Mind" Riker thinks he's going insane, he can't tell what's real and what's not. I love the TNG episodes that deal with psychological things, like this, "Schisms," "All Good Things ..." "Liasons," etc. The 6th season, while it was darker than the rest, I liked.
In "Unification," you have Spock. Enough said. No, really, I liked the whole plot of the Romulans and Spock and so on wanting reunification. The episode had a lot of good action, good themes, good everything. Now the Romulans aren't all necessarily the bad guys, some of them really are good.

DS9: "Things Past" - We find out Odo isn't quite as perfect as we think, he allowed 3 Bajorans to be killed to preserve "order" instead of justice. I like this one because of the mystery as to what is going on with these 4 while they are unconscious, and the mystery of what's happening to them in their "dream." Overall, it's a good episode. *Smile*

VOY: Hard one. My absolute favorite is "Meld," where Tuvok mind-melds with a murderer and basically goes crazy. Go psychological stuff! But there are others that I can't go without mentioning. For second place, I think it's a toss-up between "The Q and the Grey," or "Eye of the Needle." In the first one, Q tries to get Janeway to, well, be the mother for his baby in order to save the Q Continuum. In the other, Voyager discovers a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant in the past, and sends a message to a Romulan commander who they learn dies before he can give the message to anyone. Yikes!

ENT: "Carbon Creek" - T'Pol tells a "story" about Vulcans who crashed in Pennsylvania in the 50's. Fun episode! Was it true??? *Laugh*
My deserving second: "The Seventh." A top-secret mission to track down a fugitive. He's Vulcan. Now he's smuggling biotoxins. We discover that T'Pol killed someone. *Laugh*

Movie: It's a tie between the 6th and Nemesis. I love the entire idea for the 6th movie, I love the end, too - they discover Valeris is the conspirator, she almost kills Spock, he forces the information out of her *exclamation*, they save the universe again! Ok, it's a very deep, thinking kind of movie. Change scares people, how far will people go because they don't trust someone?
I like Nemesis because it in a way, is not just about Picard and Shinzon and the Remans, it's about Star Trek itself. One of the two major themes in this movie is what it means to be human. That's really what a lot of ST is about. My favorite line is when Picard asks Data, if he had lived Shinzon's life, would he do the same things Shinzon had done? Data responds saying that although the B-4 is physically the same as him, they are not the same person. He tells Picard what makes him different is "you aspire, sir, to be better than you are. The B-4 does not. Nor does Shinzon." *Smile* *Smile* *Smile* *Smile*
Also the reason I love this movie is because of all the action, awesome special effects and makeup, and, well, the entire plot in general!

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