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Give me your best excuses for being late to a birthday celebration!
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Sep 30, 2010 at 3:15pm
my excuse...

I was reading a letter I’d received from the State Attorney’s office and encountered the word “xyster” which I did not understand so I ran to fetch my dictionary. Drat, if that ole reliable did not contain the word, and I had to go find the BIG dictionary. (I mean this could be really huge points in Scrabble.) As I reached up and over from my ladder to the top shelf, I leaned too far and fell. Wouldn’t you know that tank of a book landed on me, cutting a gash in my arm? I called my neighbor and waited for them to finish their Facebook chat (thank goodness to Bounty towels), to then catch a ride to the ER. Where my insurance paperwork could not be verified so they sent me to the non-profit clinic. There I was inspected by a young man who looked sixteen, and after being prodded more, I discovered a xyster - a surgeon's instrument for scraping bones. Recovering from this put me weeks behind schedule, sorry.

nawh, too realistic *Laugh*...
my excuse... · 09-30-10 3:15pm
by NOVAcatmando

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