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For WDCs 11th birthday party! Write a story in 11 lines.
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Sep 1, 2011 at 5:37pm
Something about the road less taken
"Look, Ralph. That sign. It says 'Turn Left.' Don't you think that's just a bit suspicious?"

"Well, the road does come to a T. You have to turn right, or turn left. Obviously we can't continue to go forward."

"But the paving goes right. Why would anyone in their right mind post a sign saying 'turn left' when the road goes to the right?"

"I dunno. Say, if you look, there's kind of a track off there, through the field and into that band of trees. I bet there must be something interesting down that track, or it wouldn't be there."

"So it's a track. Well, kind of. It doesn't seem to go anywhere. But the paving goes to the right. That kind of looks easier to me. Why, a whole row of cars could fit along that road and not even cross the center line."

"I don't know, Pete. We're riding bicycles, not driving cars. You could get lost in that many cars. And there isn't any shoulder. What would you do if you got run off the road?"

"Think of the tracks we could make. No bumps, wide turns, lots of room to maneuver. Why, you'd have a hard time getting lost, even in the dark."

"I'm not so certain that I want such a wide road to follow. Going along with everyone else isn't always as great as it's made out to be."

"Like following a sign that points you into the rough isn't just a bit weird? It would seem to me that there's a good reason the road to the right is paved."

"Well, I'm going to turn left. I don't know. It does seem to me that if someone was to put up a traffic sign that points people in one direction instead of another, maybe they know something about things we don't. Besides, that paving stretches on forever. Does it really go anywhere? Not that I can see."

"Ralph? Ralph, where are you? Where did you go? It's just a stupid road sign that says 'turn......right'? Now, that's strange. I would have sworn.... Oh, well, this way makes more sense to me. A smooth, flat road, going on as far as you can see into the distance.........."
Something about the road less taken · 09-01-11 5:37pm
by Felicitus

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