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Sin Bashing Permitted but No Hatred '
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Nov 9, 2017 at 6:25pm
HI Marvin
I happened across this and thought to respond. I'm in total agreement. Just as an example of the mentality of some Gay/LGBT or whatever I will pass this along.
A man I know has come out as gay. At his father's funeral, he confronted his siblings about his choice and asked what their belief was and what they thought God's stand about him was.
His brother quoted a number of scriptures, but told him they loved him anyway. Sin is sin but you love the sinner not the sin. He came unglued and proceeded to do things to hurt the rest of his family. He was punishing them for their stand.
Since then he has sent epistles/packets to his family and their church, ranting about how they hate him, how judgmental they are and you know the drift.

My observation of his ranting and constant confrontation is he is condemned. He knows the truth as he was brought up in the same church. There is a portion of his core belief that is afraid he's wrong or maybe wrong. He has to defend his choice by sending these missives to get a reaction. To see if somehow the family/church has changed. I believe he knows there will be no change. He's counting on that and it makes him even more upset. He may not even realize why he does what he does.
You and I know when we make a choice that is unpopular but its our choice we don't need to defend it.
If I love to wear neon yellow stocking/nylons/leggins and I love how I feel about them, I won't care that others think I look terrible. They may even say so, but its how they make me feel and I don't care how they feel.
Once a choice is made and we are happy about it we don't need to confront those who may disagree with our choice or punish them.
I don't understand why they need everyone to love their choice and agree with it. If we don't there is something wrong with us! How does that even compute?
Thank you for allowing me to spout off my thoughts. Have a great day.


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HI Marvin · 11-09-17 6:25pm
by Quick-Quill

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