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Item #451035
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Item #451035

This version of the "Good Deeds" contest is now CLOSED.
Members should no longer include a tag in their reviews pointing to this item.

For the current version, please go to: "Good Deeds Get CASH!

The following winners for the December 2012 running of Good Deeds Go Noticed were chosen from the 128 entries submitted.

*Star* First: Lornda~ House of Martell ~
*Bullet* Second: Lox~back, but all new!
*Bullet* Third: Indelible Ink

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A simple contest for reviewers to earn lots of Gift Points!

The point is simple!
Authors on Writing.Com are looking for good, useful feedback... and of course, exposure within Writing.Com. You can do a good deed by giving that to them.

The task is easy!
Do three good deeds by reviewing any three items on Writing.Com and you might win! Enter as many times as you want to increase your odds of being selected as a prize winner!

*Note3* Your submissions:
*Bullet* must include links to reviews of three different items using the review ID numbers in {review:xxxxxx} format (WritingML Help for review).
*Bullet* must include items that you have NOT reviewed and submitted to this or previous rounds.
*Bullet* may NOT include reviews of Staff items.

*Note3* Your reviews must:
*Bullet* be public reviews and not private. Be sure to check the box under the review to make the review public; you may also make it your default setting so that you do not forget.
*Bullet* be done during the month they are submitted to the contest.
*Bullet* end with the following line (You must COPY and PASTE the following line into the end of the review, WritingML and all!):
         {b}My review has been submitted for consideration in {item:451035}.{/b}
*Bullet* be a minimum of 270 characters.This accounts for the additional 20 characters added by including the contest tagline in your review.

*Dollar* The prizes are:

First Prize
         250,000 Gift Points and an exclusive Good Deeds Merit Badge
Second Prize
         100,000 Gift Points and an exclusive Good Deeds Merit Badge
Third Prize
         50,000 Gift Points and an exclusive Good Deeds Merit Badge

If we feel the reviews were worthwhile, we'll deem the randomly chosen entrants the winners and give out the prizes!

The submission deadline is: 11:59 pm EST on the last day of every month.
The results will be posted: on or around the 15th of the following month.

*Note1* Judging:
Without looking at the individual responses, we will pick THREE (3) random numbers from 1 to the number of responses received. We will then look up the three reviews given by those members and review those submitted reviews for quality and content. The three prizes for this running of the contest will be given to three different members; we will draw numbers until we have three unique people.

Reviews of the drawn winners will be judged and final winning position (1st through 3rd) will be determined by review quality. If the quality of the reviews are equal, the original virtual dice results will be used for determining the order. (Quality will be determined by Writing.Com using "Guidelines To Great Reviewing as our guide.)

Please remember... if we feel the reviews were given without concern or just to meet the criteria for entering this competition, then we will TOSS OUT that entrant and randomly choose another. We will then evaluate his or her entries and so on until we find the winner. Save us some time and please don't enter just to enter.

Remember: A great review consists of your overall impression and any helpful tips for improvement. Please remember to be honest, encouraging and respectful when sending your feedback! For more details on giving a great review, please see: "Guidelines To Great Reviewing

Great places to find items to review:

Questions regarding the contest should be emailed to: Diane

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