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Helping and encouraging those who enjoy reading and reviewing. To be reworked! MB coming.
~*~Fantastical Reviewer & Aider~*~

For Fantastical Reviewing & Aider group.
Made by me-Angelica-HappyFather'sDay! .

~*~What is this group is about~*~

The Fantastical Reviewer and aider is for supporting helpful groups and awesome contests. Reviews and donating to others accepted. Check out these awesome groups!


*Notep*"Fantastical Reviews Aider to request a review or GPs.

*Noteb*Exclusive MB giveaway will be in the form of a forum post in "Fantastical Reviews Aider. If you want one for you or a friend a good deal will be accepted.

Merit Badge in Fantastical RA
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Help Wanted!

Anybody who is a reviewer and wants to support this group and participate in activities is welcome to join! Be aware of the catch. Reviews should be at least 250 characters and be good. (Thoughtful and encouraging.) Practice makes perfect.

Please report into "Fantastical Group Only Forum if you are in this group and be aware of the activities. Busy? No problem- you won't get kicked out for being gone a couple of weeks or two months. There shouldn't be any pressure or obligation to do reviews. Just want to support the group and being out of the group isn't good enough? You can join on in too.

Examples of good reviews:

Review of "Together to Praise God (12 lines)"
Review of "Screams from the Attic"
Review of "Space Patrol"
Invalid Review
Review of "I Write In 2020"

~*~Help support special groups!~*~

Any group with a unique purpose is special. The same goes for contests and activities. Several groups and contests listed here are those I know are active and benefiting the community:

A fundraiser for an exclusive MBs and my membership to keep this group going can be found here: "Exclusive MBs and Membership Savings.

This is a list of those who earned the exclusive MB but not received it yet:

~*~GPs of this Group~*~

*Star*Giving away GPs to someone in need, also could be a group or an activity too. Ask away! Also will be going to reviewers giving out reviews that meet the requirements for this group. It's only a win-win situation!*Star*


*Note*Anyone who donates will be listed here:

*Star*Anyone donating over 25k GPs will receive either Appreciation, Fundraising, or Generosity Merit badge. New: Anyone donating 75,000 GPs or more will receive the exclusive MB!*Star*

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