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Write the next line of the story with the next letter of the Alphabet!

This IN & OUT is the sister of my contest:

 Alliteration Sensation  (E)
Write a story only using words that begin with one letter!
#1585398 by Emilyisawesomeagain

The idea is similar. Each line of the story we are going to create will begin with A, then to B, then C...

So I could start it off by saying:

"An artistic aristocrat"

Then the next person would submit 3 words that begin with B. Then the next would be for C, then D etc.

Remember, we are creating a story so your words can be funny and unexpected, but make sure they go along with what came previously. If the words before you don't make sense with what came before it, then you may skip it and do their letter.

You are welcome to do any WritingML tags in your post!! *Smile*

Have Fun *Smile* !!!

A Guest Visitor says ""

Dad says "Zane zealously zoomed"

Petra Pansky says "about and aimed"

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "Bob's big bazooka"

Dad says "carefully calculating carnage"

Petra Pansky says "during doodling dormices'"

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "estimating explosive energy"

Petra Pansky says "from fear. Funnily,"

Dad says "gigantic gargoyles goosed"

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "her haughty hams"

Dad says "insanely. Immediately initiating"

Emilyisawesomeagain says "janis's journey. Jubiliantly"

Dad says "knowing Ken's kin,"

Petra Pansky says "Lucy laughed ludicrously"

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "making Margaret's mouse"

Dad says "nail nifty new"

Dad says "putrid panda pudding"

pentatonic says "quite questionably. Query:"

Dad says "Roger Repoz rents"

Ravenwand, Rising Star! says "Spiked Satin Saddles,"

Joan says "toward the thunder"

Dad says "ushering unicycle undulators"

Reine Renault says "varied voices vanishing"

Emilyisawesomeagain says "with whispers willed"

Emilyisawesomeagain says "x-tra x-citing xenophobes"

Soh ~ Luminousa says "Yell, yelp, yawn"

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