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This group is for all those who love Jane Austen. Nominated for a Quill 2014 ,2016 &2018

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Original Jane Austen picture.
A pretty Jane Image by best friend Angel.

I am happy to say this group has been nominated for a 2014, 2016 Quill Award again and a 2018 Quill Award!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Jane Austen Group. We will talk about Jane Austen, her stories, her life and what we love about her. We can even write stories based on her characters and her time era. You don't have to write like Jane Austen to join this group. I have had a discussion forum for a few years now. I have decided to do a group. If you want to join, send me an e-mail. I haven't had a group in awhile and if you have any ideas, let me know.

Post all ideas and what you would like to say about Jane Austen here:
Jane Austen Discussion Forum  (ASR)
A Forum for authors and members who love Jane Austen.
#1710273 by Princess Megan Rose

All my Jane Austen items are here so you can get to know Jane.
My Creative Jane Austen Written Items  (E)
Items pertaining to Jane Austen, a beautiful woman author.
#1646252 by Princess Megan Rose

My Jane Austen Doll I ordered complete with P&P Book and Quill. One of my favorite items
My best friend Angel made this pretty image of her and I.
Second Poser of Elizabeth and Darcy Colin Firth by best friend Angel. Beautiful work.

I hope to add items to this group and I hope this will be a great group. Please join us.

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