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Where points will be kept for Jane Austen Group and Jane Austen Writing Challenge.
A donation of 45,000 Points to this group will get you one of these Merit Badges.

Merit Badge in Pemberly Romance
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This badge is for all your creativity inspiried by Jane Austen and otherwise! I looked and as as a group member I am honored to give you this badge for the amazing Newsletters and all the things we have learned in your Jane Austen group.  *^*Heart*^*  Merit Badge in Jane Austen Group
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Congratulations on your new "Jane Austen Group" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #1992277] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

Merit Badge in Darcy
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Happy Anniversary of the date that Pride and Prejudice was published!  Since you have taught me more than anyone I've ever known about Jane Austen and her times, I thought you deserved a little Darcy action in your port.  Enjoy!  *^*Heart*^*

Merit Badge in Elizabeth and Darcy
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This is the most beautiful Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet MB so far *^*Heart*^*!


Merit Badge in Elizabeth
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What a beautiful badge you have commissioned to remember Jane Austen's beloved character of Elizabeth Bennett!  Thank you for all that you do here in appreciation of Jane Austen and to encourage others (like me) in their writing.  Thank you for being such a good friend to me for all these many years!  *^*Heart*^*

Neat Darcy and Elizabeth image.

Hello! As many of you know and have probably read, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice's romance story of Elizabeth Darcy and every woman wants a man like Darcy. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel by Jane. I like to think I am a Jane Austen Historian. This isn't a bank to store points to buy Pemberly but I wish. This is where the points for the Jane Austen Group and Jane Austen Writing Challenge will be kept for Merit Badges, prizes and anything else special that comes up for the Jane Austen Group. If you wish to donate points, please send them to this group. Thank you.

Pride and Prejudice: Jane's Masterpiece  (E)
What I love about Pride and Prejudice.
#1654177 by Princess Megan Rose

Check out these items to see what the group and writing challenge is all about.
Jane Austen Group  (E)
This group is for all those who love Jane Austen. Nominated for a Quill 2014 ,2016 &2018
#1992277 by Princess Megan Rose

Jane Austen Meeting Place  (ASR)
A place to meet other members and write about what you love about Jane Austen.
#1992432 by Princess Megan Rose

Jane Austen Discussion Forum  (ASR)
A Forum for authors and members who love Jane Austen.
#1710273 by Princess Megan Rose

Jane Austen Writing Challenge  (ASR)
A Writing Challenge for all Jane Austen Fans.
#2017404 by Princess Megan Rose

Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.

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