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Rated: 13+ · Book Review · Gothic · #633391
Anne Rice proves herself worthy with Servant of the Bones
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Book Title: Servant of the Bones
Author: Anne Rice
Content Rated: 18+   The author of this review rated the content of this book 18+. For more information regarding the Writing.Com Content Rating System, please visit our content rating faq and "Content Rating System (CRS).
  Story Plot:
  Author's Writing Style:
  Length Of Book:
  Overall Quality:

  This is a book about...

A jewish man named Azriel who discovers a god hidden in Babylon. He befriends this god, Marduk, walks with Azriel, speaks with him and teaches him. Azriel's people consider him a blasphemer and decide to turn him over to the rulers of Babylon. Cyrus, the Persian, is planning to invade Babylon and so he asks Azriel to portray Marduk in the ceremony. To be painted with poisoned gold and eventually die. Azriel accepts and he carries out his duty to Cyrus.

During the slow death of Azriel, they bring out an ancient text, a horrible curse. A magical ceremony to create the Servant of the Bones. They boil his bones in gold and he is trapped, linked forever to the bones of his life, forced to serve those who summon him.

  I especially liked...

Anne Rice has a wonderful writing style. The words flow, the story envelopes you and takes you to places you only imagine, introduces you to characters you'd never dream of meeting. She does it so smoothly, you don't realize you're not standing in Babylon unless you glance up and realize you are home...safe and sound.

  I didn't like...

There was nothing I didn't like. This is the first Anne Rice book I've read and I was not the least bit disappointed.

  When I finished this book I wanted to...

Write a book of my own using creative expressions and magical contexts.

  This book made me feel...

Entrapped and enraptured in the life of Azriel...servant of the bones, "rebel ghost, a bitter and impudent genii".

  The author of this book...

Has expressed her talents and visions so well that I can only hope that one day I can write as well as she does.

  I recommend this book because...

It's imagery is gripping, it's story is intense and it's portrayal of life, death, joy and suffering matches none I've read before.

  I don't recommend this book because...

If you don't like to be caught up in the imaginary world created by talent such as Anne Rice, don't read this...for I garuntee you'll love it.

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