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Forums, marketing info, advice, and support concerning indie-publishing. Open to all.
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Indie-publishing: My own term for publishing in any way other than going through a traditional publishing company and signing a contract handing over rights to your work. This is better explained in an article soon to come that will be available to all group members.

Publishing outside the realm of going through a traditional publishing company is becoming a more mainstream option. It remains controversial, however, and many large-chain bookstores refuse to cover "self-published" books. Newspapers refuse to review them. There are writers who are condescending about the idea.

Why? Because authors doing it on their own didn't get the okay from some overworked editor who gets many more submissions than s/he can handle and only wants a certain niche at a certain time? Because, yes, a lot of indie-published books should have had a lot more editing before being put out there?

There are many books published by authors who didn't take enough time to learn first and edit well. That does give the rest of us a harder time in marketing, but it is doable, and there are many good reasons to indie publish.

I published on my own because I'm a do-it-yourselfer and wanted to retain control over my work. I studied the markets, the submission process, and the typical profit percentage. Then I decided that if I was going to be expected to do my own marketing and publicity anyway, why not just do it all myself?

This group is for those brave souls who are serious about their writing, and about writing well, but want to keep control of their own work.

It's a place to share successes, struggles, marketing tips, and just to rant.

It's open to all registered authors, published or not, even if you just want to see what indie-publishing is about. It will also be a very open community and all ideas and comments are welcome. Let's all help each other!

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