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One of your relatives is a mad scientist and will change your life.
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Chapter 2: Tex.  
    by: Scifiwizard   More by this author
You looked up to see your twin brother, Tex enter the room. Most of the times, you and he got along very well but there were times he drove you crazy. To be fair, you guessed you did the same to him and suspected it was what twins did, especially a boy/girl mix. Lately, he and you were on good terms. Tex plopped onto the couch next to you, smiling.

"What do you have there, Jessica?" curious, he asked.

You sighed. "It's a book called 'Chaotic Science'." showing it to him, you said. "I found it in the couch; do you know anything about it?"

Tex turned from you for a moment and, unknown to you, opened his mouth as his eyes went wide and bit onto his hand to silence a gasp. Tex was a mad scientist, like his father and older brother. He was given his own book with the promise of a laboratory if he can prove himself responsible enough to use his powers wisely. Part of that responsibility was to keep the book safe only he foolishly left it in the sitting room where you found it. Dad had told him that only boys can work real mad science and the right time had to be carefully chosen to tell you. Worse, his powers were somewhat unstable, making his dream to have his own lab even further out of his grasp. The chaotic science book was a guide to help him towards that goal.

Thinking fast, Tex composed himself and turned back to you, smiling again. "Nah, can I see it?"

"Why, do you really believe in mad science?" giggling, you asked.

"I just want to see it; is that a crime?" chuckling, Tex fired back.

You shrugged and handed the book over. Once Tex had it, he stood up to leave.

"Where are you going?" standing up with him, you asked.

Tex shrugged, thinking, "What's the harm in a little fun?" he then turned back to you, grinning. "Hey, sis, I want to show you something!"
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