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Rated: GC · Interactive Story · Computers · #2203013
Enter a new immersive MMO where all equipment is made by the players, OUT OF the players
This is an interactive story containing 5 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Click a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You're Amber, a young woman who finally gave in and bought the new MMO SelfCraft that all your friends are raving about. It uses new technology that essentially uploads you into the game, so players basically upload their minds into the game and experience it with all 5 senses. This one sets itself apart from the rest by having a crafting system where defeated players can be crafted into usable ingame items. Stats are randomly generated based on the kind of item the victor chooses, but the players are free to design them however they want. This is advertised as not only making the game economy player driven (literally), but provides a punishment for being defeated to make players be more careful. It's actually a big part of why you decided to play, since the equipment to take screenshots is extremely expensive, but your friends wanted to show off what they'd made. A couple were actually making decent money designing fashionable armor and clothing. One was a (VERY) amateur tattoo artist, who was in high demand despite the poor quality of her work, because she was the only player so far who had figured out how to craft players into semi-permanent stat boosting tattoos.

Players who are crafted get a little XP while they're used, as long as they stay logged in. Most log out and wait out the 1 hour respawn time, but some stay on so they get the free XP. Some voluntarily stay crafted until their owner is defeated or logs off and their forced to be respawned, so they can watch and learn from their owner. And some just want to see if they can try to distract and demoralize their temporary owner to make them lose... And, well, some people stay logged in because they think itkinky.

You paid extra for one of SelfCraft's subscriptions that makes it so players can't be made into certain items, but the ones they can have higher stats and give their owner bonus XP too. Its seen by the playerbase as one of the best forms of aPy-To-Win in gaming, since it benefits everyone. A lot of people though, including you, think it's worth the price to not experience being consumed. You should be able to log out as soon as you're crafted, but your friends have mentioned the game still has some rare weird connection issues. Considering the tutorial has a part that unavoidably has players defeated and crafted into a random indestructible and reusable item by an NPC, with a randomized respawn timer that can be as little as a week or as long as multiple month. It's meant as an overly dramatic joke, since its scripted for another NPC to show up and defeat their captor to free them. You didn't even want to risk RNG making you a healing item though. After that, you should be able to avoid most PvP zones, and immediately log out if you accidentally walk into one.

Should be able to. As soon as you're crafted in the tutorial (just a necklace, thankfully. You hadn't expected the ingame characters to feel fully human, down to realistic sweat) there is a message that in response to rampant player violations of the Terms Of Service regarding inappropriate behavior, the game will be temporarily shut down as they divide players into gender exclusive servers. You're relieved the game will be letting you avoid even this transformation, but when the servers go down, you find yourself in pure darkness for a moment, then the world reloads. You think this is weird, but wait out the other NPC saving you.

What you don't know when you respawn is that a glitch as the servers went down has trapped your mind inside, with all the conditions of the tutorial quest active. You only have access to local chat. You don't have a map. You don't even have the friends list, so you'll have to try to find your friends by wandering the world. Or have to try to convince another player you're not some elaborate hidden quest NPC, and to not attack you for the easy gear and XP.

The worst though, your a level 1 character who isn't even good at games, stuck with a permanently on PvP flag, surrounded by women who are either overjoyed, furious, or indifferent to having a game with no men. And with a respawn timer that guarantees if you're crafted, you'll be stuck as whatever they make you. All your senses helplessly experiencing being worn or used by characters rendered so realistically, they're indistinguishable from real people. You'll have no choice but to wait for them to lose a fight, or log off. And that last part, well, hopefully there's no women who are trapped ingame like you who decide they'd absolutely love owning a truly one of a kind piece of gear.

- Nothing related to scat or watersports. The developers may have wanted to make characters as realistic as possible, but even they have things they don't want to program.

- No consumable items means no single use ones. She can end up as longer lasting stat boosting items, with her ending up as the part of her user's body related to what is buffed, ex. hands for strength boosting, feet for agility boosting, chest for armor boosts. When the duration runs out, she will respawn.

- The servers will stay gender exclusive. You can use whatever excuse you want for it, like it makes the game run better since its loading similar models, or the developers keeping just 2 that way so players have the option (with the main character's server always being one of them).

- Player models don't visually show any damage. The developers were worried about how the media would react to seeing what looks like real people beating and slashing each other "to death" for fun.

-- Other than that, go crazy. I'll give gift points for chapters or ideas I like, and randomly just for additions that are longer than one sentence "Does this happen, or something else?".
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