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by sith
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A size-changing interactive of epic proportions

A size-changing interactive of epic proportions

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You read the short description of the story. 3 different settings? How´s that possible? Well, thanks to a crazy idea, you get the weirdest GTS-story on writing.com, I think, and my last interactive as well. Now, let me explain.
You are John, an ordinary 19 year old guy, and you still live at home with your mother Hannah and your sisters, Amy (16 years) and Becky (10 years old). Besides, you´re a huge fan of video games like Final Fantasy and animes like Dragon Ball. And the most important fact...you have a nerdy friend named Aaron, a true genius in the field of science. He left 2 devices in your care, and you don´t know about their purpose...at least not before you use them. One of them is a - you guessed it - shrinking ray, with the ability to shrink people down to near microscopic size. And another groundbreaking device: a beam that can transport you into your favourite video game or movie/TV-series/anime. And now imagine what can happen if you use both of them...pure fun!
So you can either shrink down and have adventures in the "real" world, you can shrink down and get sucked into a video game or shrink down and get sucked into a movie/anime/TV-series. Cool, huh?
2. If you´re writing about a video game character, then please don´t change her personality. So don´t let her act like an evil monster if she´s actually a kind person. And you may introduce new characters, but insert them into the storyline cleverly, you could even give them a role in the game´s history. So try to make his/her appearance in the game´s world plausible.
3. Please no sexual content! No gay or lesbian stuff!
4. I won´t allow weight gain either. I´m sorry, but it´s not my cup of tea.
5. It´s a GTS interactive with a focus on "Fantastic Voyage" inspired, funny adventures, so I´d like additions of that kind. Not exactly a rule, but a desire. And you don´t have to be biologically correct when you´re writing about endosomatophilia! At least not exact or picky about details. It´s fantasy, after all!
6. Try to use proper grammar and spelling. I´d also like to see full sentences, and no one-line chapters. And if you really care about the storyline, try to be creative and descriptive! You´ll see that it´s a lot of fun seeing a story arc develop due to descriptive and creative chapters, trust me!
7. Comedy is encouraged! In fact, since the overall theme isn´t really that serious, you can throw in some witty, humorous moments. But that doesn´t mean that you can´t write some romantic or dramatic chapters, they´re encouraged equally, although the overall tone is more funny and adventurous.
8. Don´t kill off John! We want him to survive, after all, so he/you will witness as much adventures as possible.
9. Have fun! That´s the most important thing and its main purpose: that we all have fun adding and reading funny and clever stories!
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