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  1. ...Alone in the giant forest
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You are shrunk by some weird unknown force and now various animals want to eat you!
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Chapter 2

...Alone in the giant forest

    by: Wolfish   More by this author
"Hmmm.. Uhh.." you begin to wake "Wh-wh-where am I?" you carefully ease yourself into a sitting posistion, rubbing your weary eyes - your body is covered in bruises, yet you do not recall what happened to you..

You wince, grabbing onto a car-sized leaf for support.

"WHAT THE!?!" you give an alarmed shriek, letting go of the giant leaf in surprise as your worried eyes dart quickly about your surroundings.

"No no.. This can't be for real.." you groan to yourself. You were in the centre of a forest, only everything here was huge.. Had you shrunk...?

Small plants tower above you, insects nearby are the size of dogs! ..But surely there are bigger creatures nearby?

Your question is soon answered as ground begins to shake.. Somethings approaching!!!
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   It's a python...

2.   It's a tiger

3.   It's an elephant

4.   No time to find out,, RUN!!

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