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  1. Rude Awakening
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Your girlfriend always disgusted you, but when you break up, it gets a lot worse.
Chapter 1

Rude Awakening

    by: G-Writer   More by this author
The glare of the light was bothering him.

Glaring up into it, Taylor tried to bat it away, before attempting to pull his covers over his eyes, only to fin they weren't there.

Startled into more awakeness, his eyes slowly focused to find himself in some sort of a room. Now that he looked at it, it didn't have any doors or windows either... No furniture, no paint on the walls, the only thing that stuck out about this "room" was that it didn't have a roof. What kind of a room doesn't have a roof?

Unless... it wasn't a room. Suddenly it dawned on Taylor where he was. He was in a box! Not just any box but... It was long on two sides, much shorter on the others... Could this be a shoe box? But then, how the hell was he in a shoe box?!?!

Suddenly that blinding light blocked almost totally by some large object. His eyes took quite a while to adjust after the bright light but was that evil laughing he heard?

When the object came closer into focus, he noticed it was a face. When the face came closer to focus, he noticed who it was, and immediately wished he hadn't. It was his ex-girlfriend's best friend, that fat goth cow. But worse yet, it now confirmed what had been nagging at the back of his mind for a while now...

He was 3 inches tall in a shoebox!!!

"Just figuring it out now, huh, Taytay? You sure are slow." Taylor hated that name, which was part of the reason why Taylor hated Jade. "And just so you know, you're not dreaming. You really ARE 3 inches tall, thanks to a little magic spell of mine... You really shouldn't have broken up with June, she was really heartbroken. But now she's going to give you the punishment you deserve. All I have to do is bring you to her house and it's hell time for you!" Suddenly her pudgy face twists into an evil grin that can't be good...

1. "Unless I keep you for myself and tell her I accidently sent you to another dimension..."
2. "I suppose I'll have to think up a form of transportation for you..."
3. "But maybe I'll wait to give you to her until tomorrow at school..."
4. "But my mom has been pretty lonely lately, and she's got a butt even bigger than mine..."
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