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  1. Enter Little Nick
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Being 1/32 of an inch tall is one thing. Being that small with partygoers...
Chapter 1

Enter Little Nick

    by: Deanthrocyte1   More by this author
Nick waits at the door for Susan.
"I gave her the right time and place..." he thinks. "She's got to be here soon..."

Waiting proves to be a waste of effort. Instead he tells one of the frat jocks "I'll be cleaning up in the bathroom. Let me know when Susan gets here."

"Sure," he responds.

Nick rushes upstairs to the bathroom and looks into the mirror. "I'm a mess," he thinks. He puts on a clean T-shirt, combs his hair, and shaves the slight stubble on his face. Finally he pats some cologne on his pits. But something does not feel right.

The smell fills his head, making him dizzy and unable to stand. He blacks out.


When he gets up, the dizzyness clears. But the scenery is different. The floor appears to be room-sized tiles separated by deep valleys of caulk, filled with water globes and a moldy slime. He looks up. The toilet and sink are skyscraper-sized. And from his position, the mirror is too high to see.

He contemplates the issue.

Little did he know that he is 1/32 of an inch, just short of a millimeter, tall.
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