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When a weird substance is slipped into your lunch at college, you shrink!

When a weird substance is slipped into your lunch at college, you shrink!

This is an interactive story containing 46 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
At lunch while at collegel you sit down on a table with your friends Aaron and Marc and two people who you have talked to but don't really know them - Callum and Jimmy. But halfway through your pasta you get a terrible stomach ache and begin to feel dizzy. Collapsing on the floor, you begin to pass out.... then you can take it from there :D

A few rules first:
1. Female interaction not allowed - will delete
2. One sentences chapters are fine but don't use them too often.
3. Adding new characters is ok but please keep the main characters in the story.
4. Killing off yourself is ok too but always leave an alternate option before hand.

Heres a brief intro to the main characters..........

You are called Matt. You are 18 and are in college. You are a pretty regular closeted gay kid and like the normal things - sport, video games etc.

Name: Callum
Age: 18
Appearance: Slender overall, slemimuscular, short brown hair, quite tall - 6ft 3, green eyes.
habits: plays a few sports, loves weight training, likes video gaming and watching TV. Quite laid back
shoe size: 14

Name: Aaron
Age: 17
Appearance: A little chubby with slightly muscular arms and thick legs, short blondy brown hair - often gelled, shorter than callum - 5ft 11, has blue eyes
Habits: Quite sporty - star wrestler, a bit lazy when at home, watches TV a lot. Very laid back - loves a joke.
Shoe size: 12

Name: Jimmy
Age: 19
Appearance: fairly muscular but has a bit of a beer belly, short black hair - slightly curly, almost 6ft tall exactly, has brown eyes.
Habits: Smokes and is a bit of a drinker, very lazy - sleeps a lot, plays video games all the time but enjoys boxing. Often agressive - easily angered.
Shoe size: 14

Name: Marc
Age: 18
Appearance: quite slender with slight muscles, medium dark brown hair,quite small at only 5ft 8, has green eyes.
Habits: Plays soccer often, does lots of sport, typical jock - teased for his height though, Picks on others often to vent his own anger
Shoe size: 13

Now its up to you - have fun and get adding!
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