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  1. How it all begins !
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by stuart
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What happens when you shrunk near girls you know ?
Chapter #1

How it all begins !

    by: stuart
You were watching TV in your room on some quiet Sunday evening, watching some dumb shows spending time... You were quite bored and had a sudden feeling of tiredness. You had your hand holding your head on your desk, in front of your PC screen... You were slowly going into darkness.. That was it... You blacked out and then you woke up. You didn't open your eyes yet, still scratching your back with one hand and your cheek with the other. Then you thought what the fuck I must have gone asleep on my desk. Suddenly you realized it wasn't quite possible... You were lying on something soft definetly not your room ground ! You opened your eyes to see where you were... And you couldn't believe your eyes ! After a few moments of hesitating you realized looking at the huge furniture around you that you had actually shrunk! You couldn't tell to what size you shrunk since you had no real perspective and you didn't recognize the place you were in. Weird. You decided to go for the closest chair near you so you could atleast measure yourself approximately...

You have the following choices:

1. Hmmmkay 1/4 inch

2. 1/2 inch

3. 1 inch

4. 2 inches

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