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  1. The day of anger
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You push your sister to far and she decides to put a curse on you....
Chapter 1

The day of anger

    by: CelesteIrving   More by this author
One day while your sister was away you decide to go into her room and snoop through her stuff. You looked in her diary and read it quite often. You always enjoyed knowing what your sister was up to and then occasionally tell on her. You then decide to see what new clothes she has. You never tried on her really girly clothes just like her sweatshirts and stuff. You did this cause your parents always bought you crappy sweatshirts and your sister was allowed to by her own clothes so you tried on her sweatshirts and sometimes stole them and hid them in your room.

While you were trying one on you hear a door slam down stairs quick chuck the sweatshirt back in the closet and run out accidently leaving the diary open. You go to your room and your sister walks by gives you a quick glare and continues. You hear her door shut then a loud scream.

"Joe how many times have i told you to stay out of my stuff!!" she screams in your face, "you will regret messing with my things." You just laugh at this comment as she storms off.

Later that night you hear weird chanting comeing from your sisters room but ignore it and go off to bed. In the morning you wake up and....
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