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You are sent to a school where anything can happen
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Chapter 4

Itching Powder In Your Diaper

    by: Antmandarin   More by this author
She picks your up an then, to your embarassment, she removes your diaper, leaving you completely naked. She then take some sort of powder, and begins rubbing it all over your penis, balls, and butt, even getting some up into your butt crack.

She then retapes you into the diaper. Next, she pulls up a pair of tight, rubber pants, which turn out to have a lock on the wait.

"There," she says, sweetly, "that's to make sure baby's diaper stays on, throughout your punishment. Bye, Sweety, Have fun!"

She then walks out.

'that's odd,' you think, 'I didn't even need a diaper change.'

Then, it happens. First it starts small, but then builds. A horrible, stinging, itching. You try to scratch, but because your diapers are so think, and you are wearing thick mittens, you are completely unable to scratch yourself. It feels HORRIBLE! Especially in your crack! You start writhing around the room, grinding your diapers against the floor, pounding your butt against the wall, doing ANYTHING that might relieve the itching. But nothing works, and you HOWL with discomfort.

This seems to go on for DAYS, (which is probably only a couple hours) when finally, another nurse comes in, and....
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