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  1. Dream Job?
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You have suddenly shrunk in Japan, and now you must survive being only 2 inches tall!
Chapter 1

Dream Job?

    by: DaKonfessor   More by this author
Your name is Jon Hartley, a average 22-year old man with a job you least want in your life. A few weeks ago, to your surprise, you have been accepted to work at Fukujima Technologies in Tokyo, Japan. Strangely, though you had never heard of Fukujima Technologies or an application to them, you still gleefully accepted the job offer, and dragged your girlfriend, Julianne Byron, in tow, quite reluctantly to a foreign land where you have never been to.

Arriving in Tokyo, you were approached by a representative of your employer, Dr. Motoko Kijima, an attractive woman who also happens to be lead researcher at Fukujima. Captivated by her beauty at first sight, you did not realise your nature of your job until you finally learn a bit of Japanese: you had been accepted as a "test subject" for their experiments! Apparently, you were the only "dumb" applicant who agreed to take on the potentially dangerous experiments. The only upside is your pay: you were receiving 100,000 yen per month. If you survive, that is.

The weeks go by, and you had been put through loads of experiments by the Japanese research lab. Some were quite pleasant, but most of them were torturing, both physically and mentally. Your relation with Julianne went downhill as you constantly shouted at her for even the slightest thing, especially when the tests went bad. Your dream job in Japan had been a nightmare, both to your career and your relationship with Julianne. If matters could not get worse, Fukujima Technologies is nearing the brink of collapse due to overspending on the part of researchers.

Last night, Dr. Kijima woke you up in your sleep in the lab, and asked you to help her out for one last experiment: a shrink ray. Dr. Kijima explained that this could be all or nothing for Fukujima, and if this "last" experiment fails, you are out of a job, along with everyone else here. Reluctantly, you accepted.

You were asked to sit down on a metal chair, while Dr. Kijima worked on the shrink ray. When it was finally operational, the ray was fired at you. It was a very unpleasant experience, with you feeling like your whole body was suffering frostbite. In addition, you WEREN'T shrinking at all! Desperate, Dr. Kijima added more power to the shrink ray, causing the machine to overload, thick smoke billowing from the machine. The fire alarm was triggered, but for you, you could hardly escape, your body fully worn out from the "shrinking" experience, and the thick smoke made it impossible for you to escape. Just like that, you blacked out.

When you awoke, you find yourself on the floor of what remains of the research lab. You looked at yourself, and surprisingly, the painful frostbite sensation was gone. Your body is intact. The first thing on your mind was to sue Dr. Kijima and Fukujima Technologies, but it was when you started walking to the door did you realise that the door was MUCH BIGGER than before. Sensing something amiss, you looked around, and you saw the remnants of the shrink ray, all blown to bits, but MUCH BIGGER than when you were first hit by it. It then hit you: the shrink ray worked, but now you have been reduced to a mere height of 2 inches!

You have to get help,one way or another. There is no telling what might happen to you if you stay this small. You pondered your options, and decided to ...
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5.   Stay here, and wait.

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