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You're a boy who discovers one day that you're an alien being with super powers.
This choice: Skander snaps a branch off a nearby tree. Super-strength! · Go Back...
Chapter 6

Skander snaps a branch off a nearby tree. Super...

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Since they still had about ten minutes in their lunch hour, Skander, Adrian and Jason wandered around the woods behind the school. There were a lot of tall trees, and since it had rained a lot recently, lots of branches had fallen on the ground as well.

Suddenly, Skander stopped in his tracks and was overcome by a serious stiffness in every muscle in his body.

“Oh man… I feel so stiff right now…” he said, as every muscle tensed up.

“Whoa! What’s happening to him?” Jason wondered, as he noted something weird about Skander.

Skander appeared to be getting… bigger? His chest started to push out, and his sweater was suddenly fitting very tight. His arms became thicker, as his biceps inflated dramatically. His torso widened at the shoulders, to the point where he began to resemble a teen bodybuilder. Skander looked like he was about to burst out of his clothes, but the growth stopped short of that.

“Uhhhh…” he groaned, as he flexed his arms. “Ooooh God… I-I’m getting stronger or something…”

“Well, the chicks are gonna notice for sure!” Adrian grinned, as he folded his arms and just stared at Skander while he was having his growth spurt.

Next, his legs thickened and widened at the same time, filling out his jeans. His calves inflated, making his jeans fit super-tight around his new, bulging muscles!

“Ugh… I need to buy bigger clothes!” Skander groaned.

“Wow! Look at him! He just grew all that muscle in a matter of seconds!” Jason exclaimed.

Skander then walked over to pick up a huge, 10-inch-thick tree branch, which was laying on the ground. He easily lifted it up, and then he rested it on his thigh before snapping the thick branch in half like it was a toothpick.

“Great Scot! You’re strong!” Adrian shouted.

“I-I guess I discovered super strength…” Skander grinned, as he tossed the huge branch on the floor like it was nothing.

The boys then started walking back to class, since they were almost out of time.
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