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  1. In the beginning...
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Someone gains the ability to swap bodies with people as well as a few other powers
Chapter 1

In the beginning...

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Thousands of years ago, a strange particle from the centre of the galaxy was flying towards the planet earth. It crashed to the surface in a mountain range and was shortly thereafter engulfed by a glacier.

Just last month, the ice in which the particle was encased melted and it flowed with the water only to be taken and placed in a bottle of 'natural glacier water'. It was that bottle of water that you had purchased one lunch hour in your high school cafeteria.

Your name is Robert Bennet. You are 18 and have two siblings. Your Eldest sibling's name is Paul at the age of 25. Your youngest sibling is Maria at the age of 17. You get along well with both of them. Your main interests include computers and physics. While not extremely athletic you are reasonably fit.

Back in the cafeteria, you were about to sit down when Victoria Wilson, head of the school swim team, walked over to you. While you had had a crush on Victoria for quite some time, you had never gotten together the courage to ask her out. Little did you know but Victoria also had a crush on you and was too shy to say it.

Standing in front of Victoria you felt like your legs were going to collapse. As it turns out she was just as nervous as you were although she didn't show it quite as much.

"Mind if i take a sip from your water bottle?" she asked, looking your right in the eyes.

"Duhhhh... Sure," you stutter, completely embarassed.

Victoria then opens the bottle and takes a quick sip before turning around and walking off. Although you can't see it, she was blushing.

The next thing to happen was for you to sit down and take a sip from the bottle yourself. It was lucky that you did as just as you put down the bottle Hank the school bully snatched the bottle from your hands and drank what was left of the water. He then laughed and tossed the bottle across the room. As the bottle flew through the air, a final drop of water flew out and landed on Miss Hillary Turner's lips. Miss Turner was the school's librairian and had seemed to grow fond of you and your group of friends.

The question now is, who drank the particle and gained mysterious powers?

Was it...
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1.   Yourself

2.   Victoria

3.   Hank

4.   Miss Turner

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