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Not all monsters are evil.
Chapter #1


    by: Clockwork
#1 A nameless monster that was created by a evil wizards gild as a weapon. She is 60 feet tall and is part Giant for her size part dragon for raw power part phoenix for the power to revive to be used again part Basilisk for stone gaze and part kitsune for magic powers. She has a humanoid body but its covered in fer, she has a fox like head with snake eyes and she has 3 tails so fare only they look more snake and dragon like, she has dragon claws as finger nails and wings coming out of her back, her right wink looks like a glowing red bird wing while the other looks like a black dragon wing. one day after being fed up with killing all the time for her masters and being treated like a tool by them she decides to escape.
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#2 In a more modern time the zombie apocalypse has come with survivor outpost catered everywhere. in the runes of New York Lives a creature that was kidnapped off the streets as a man before the world ended and was experimented on now. He is a zombie that dose not decompose his flesh is a pail white and his eyes are yellow he stands 6 feet tall and is very strong. seance he was made to fight they coated his skull with a bullet proof alloy. he has long jagged nails and has shackles on his wrist with chains that are 13 feet long that he uses like whips as weapons and is very good with them. He has stainless steel plugs in his back for test tubes for when he was a experiment before he got away, and has white hair and long black pants with blood stains on his hands and chains. Unlike most other zombies he remembers being alive and has his intelligence, his flesh also heels fast so he still has his face fully intact despite what they did to his head. And while most of the time he moves like a normal zombie (Slowly) he can run at 35 MPH. if he needs to and can jump 10 feet in the air. Being a zombie he still has the hunger for flesh but restrains himself from eating human by eating animals, also the normal zombies seem to not bother him and he even has his own little horde of 3 or 4 followers since he can catch food quicker then the others. But all the others ignore him and he still longs for someone who can actually talk.
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#3 Draga is a dragon that stands 50 feet tall. She is an outcast from her family because she wants to help the little humans instead of killing then. She believes that there can be peace between the 2 but because everyone runs from her she seams to be getting no where fast.
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#4 is Keara. she is a kitsune and since there are no other kitsune around, she tried to make friends with humans but there there always scared of her power. she has 2 tails. And for some reason she can't hide them. The only ones that stick around were only using her for there own means then leaving first chance they get. So shes given up on having friends and just lives alone till one day she hears a crying for help.

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