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  1. Soul Magic
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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1589380
A magic talisman winds up in the Fairy Tail bar, and switches the bodies of the members.
Chapter 1

Soul Magic

    by: Divine Bandit   More by this author
Before the current age of magic, an entirely different set of Ancient Magics were dominant. As time passed, the simplified modern magic took root and the old magics faded away. One of these magics was referred to as "Soul." Soul magic saw use in manipulating the souls of its users and its targets, freeing or shackling them from their own bodies. One such spell, "Soul Swap" did just this: extract the souls from two bodies and return them to the opposite bodies. This could work at close range or long distance. As with most Ancient Magic, only one known practitioner of the art still exists today, and he spends his time alone, practicing his craft in solitude.

Though, one of his charms, a single silver coin enchanted with a charge of "Soul Swap" has escaped from him and landed on the bartop of the worst place imaginable: the Fairy Tail guild.

It wasn't idle long, before the coin was picked up by someone. Who picked it up?
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