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  1. You pick up the coin.
  2. Soul Magic
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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1589380
A magic talisman winds up in the Fairy Tail bar, and switches the bodies of the members.
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Chapter 2

You pick up the coin.

    by: Divine Bandit   More by this author
For a long time, you were a wandering mage roaming the country without a guild to call your own. You had never achieved much in terms of magic, all you had figured out was some pretty basic holder magic. Eventually, an encounter with Fairy Tail's famed Salamander ended with you being dragged back to Fairy Tail by him and his friends. Since then, you've settled into the guild and become a full-fledged member, improving your magic along the way. Despite this, you've always felt a disconnect between you and the rest of the Guild.

You pick up the silver coin and take a closer look. It was a pure silver, but with an eerie blue engraving of a face on either side.

"Where'd this come from?" you questioned aloud as the others shuffled around the guild mess hall without paying any heed. You were the only one who seemed to have noticed, but the coin was engulfed in a blue light, the color of the engravings and dug its influence directly into your soul, freezing you until a second target was selected.

A second orb of the, invisible blue light emerged from the coin with tether of solid light and flew off, embedding itself within its second target. Who will switch with you?
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1.   Natsu

2.   Lucy

3.   Erza

4.   Makarov *

5.   Other

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