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A bag of magical sweets can easily turn lives upside down...

A bag of magical sweets can easily turn lives upside down...

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Rainbow Drops. A sugar-coated puffed rice confectionery. Sweets that come in different colors of a Rainbow. Perhaps the most magical sweets ever created. But every so often, their Magic becomes far too powerful...

One day, you stumble across a bag of Rainbow Drops in the recently opened candy store. You're lucky enough to purchase the last pack in stock, and there is no other store for miles that sells them. How can sweets so tasty be so rare to find?

However the store owner does give you a warning about this magical confectionary. He says that these sweets will grant your every wish every time you eat one, but each coloured drop will determine who this wish is granted. At first, you dismiss this, but what have you got to lose? Why not give it a try. They seem tasty anyway.

The rest of the story is all up to you.

Will you eat one now or save it for later? What colour will you eat first? Do you give one to somebody else? It's entirely up to you!

In this story:

- You play the role of Eddy Burton (18), a student with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is a regular average joe, with a slim average build. Standing at 5'11" tall, most girls would find him cute, if only he could understand their feelings for him. Eddy is one of four children. Currently he doesn't go to school or college, neither does he have a job, but he plans on moving to Europe next summer, despite his parents' feelings about this.

- Barbara Burton (45) is Eddy's mother. She is a typical middle aged housewife with medium-length brown hair and eyes. She stands at 5'4" tall, and has DD-cup breasts. She also has round hips & thighs with a huge ass. In her youth, she was very slim and athletic, but after four children, it is no wonder that all of her weight has gone to her waist and thighs, but it isn't anything noticable. She met her husband, David, one day at the beach. She is very caring for her kids, and it is very hard for her to see them grow up. She is also very close to her sister, Susan Cartwright, who she constantly taunts for being heavily overweight, but often jokes that pretty soon Barbara will be even bigger than her with the way she's been eating lately.

- David Burton (45) is Eddy's father and Barbara's husband. He is bald with blue eyes and a ginger goatee, sporting a hairy torso and tattoos on both biceps. He stands at 6'3" tall. Back in his youth, he was considered as one of the strongest guys in town, being a former football player in college. Now he works as a construction worker. He met Barbara one day at the beach. After years of raising four children, it is no wonder that he has grown quite a big beer belly. He is more or less passive most of the time, but when he gets angry, he gets very angry, almost bezerk.

- Jessica Burton (11) is Eddy's younger sister. She has blonde braided hair, blue eyes and freckles. She only stands in at a mere 4'7" tall, and although she may look small and fragile, she can be a big pest and a nuisance in the eyes of Eddy. But despite her annoying behavior, she can get away with almost anything because she is so darn cute that her parents cannot stay mad at her, which winds her siblings up big time. She is also one of the brighest girls in 6th Grade, scoring all As and Bs in her classes.

- Melina Burton (19) is Eddy's elder sister. She has long, bleached blonde hair, tanned skin and blue eyes. She is very hot, inarguably the sexiest female in the family. Standing at 5'8" tall, she has ridiculously large breasts (even bigger than Pamela Anderson's) and a very shapely ass. Heck, if she wasn't his sister, Eddy would easily go out with her. But instead, Eddy absolutely hates her, and she hates him back. She can be very spiteful at times. The two are always pulling pranks on each other, both trying to ruin each other's lives. Melina is a part-time waitress in the local restaurant, and is a very good sister to Jessica.

- Jack Burton (23) is the eldest of the family. He has long, light brown hair, brown eyes and a 5 o'clock shadow. He stands at 6'2" tall and Eddy's favourite sibling, but David's least favourite child. The relationship between Jack and David is not very friendly, considerably because Jack currently lives in a flat, unemployed, with his girlfriend of whom he intends to marry. Jack is considered to be a modern day hippie, spending most of his time in his flat smoking pot and taking LSD. Basically, everything that Jack has done in his life is how Eddy wishes to spend his, despite his parents' orders.

- Stacey Morgan (17) is Eddy Burton's girlfriend. She is 5'6" tall, has long, blonde hair and green eyes. She is very attractive, just like Melina Burton, only Stacey is far more nicer and pleasant. Stacey can get along with the entire Burton family, but she can be a bit forceful at times, as if she can control Eddy into doing something that he doesn't want to do. Also unlike Melina, Stacey is more reluctant in showing off her body, although it has been a life-long dream of hers to become a model. Stacey met Eddy only 6 months ago at a rock concert, and both are currently planning to move out to Europe next summer. Unlike Eddy, Stacey has a Driving License, as well as her very own 2-seater car. Stacey's parents are much like Eddy's, being very strict and unwilling for her to move out.

- George Blake (20) is Melina Burton's boyfriend. He is 6'2" tall, has black, styled hair and brown eyes. He has a highly ripped body, but is not much into sports. George is a very popular boy, but he can be very cruel at times, especially to those less popular than he is. Eddy Burton is no exception. Everytime Melina has him in the house, George always makes a remark towards Eddy, to which Eddy is afraid to answer back because he might very well beat him up. George is currently unemployed, but he also has a driving license and his own car. He lives in a flat all by himself, but always has his friends over every other night for a drink. Despite Eddy's hatred towards him, David Burton considers George as a good friend, as the two have so much in common. George & Melina have been going out for almost 1 month now, but it is obvious that George is more interested in other women, although Melina does not realize this.

- Susan Cartwright (47) is Barbara Burton's sister and Eddy's Aunt. Susan is 5'5" tall, she has short black hair and brown eyes. She is still single, and is still a virgin, although she still has hopes of meeting the right guy someday. However it is unlikely that this day will ever come, considering that Susan is incredibly huge and fat. She is so fat that she can't even see her toes, let alone touch them! Her flab also has to be noticed. It looks like she has flabby wings of skin under her arms. Everytime she walks you can hear her thighs scraping against each other. She makes a slight crack underneath her feet everytime she makes a step. How she has not yet had a heart attack is unbelievable. Despite her hyper obesity, she is still a good sister and a close friend to Barbara, how constantly teases her about her weight. Also, it is believed that Susan hasn't had a shower for nearly 5 years! She is currently unemployed, living in a small apartment by herself.

- Gary Jackson (18) is Eddy Burton's best friend. They have both been friends since first grade. He has short, bleached blonde hair, blue eyes and has about the same height and build as Eddy. Unlike Eddy however, he has a job in the local garage, fixing broken down cars. He may not be as smart as Eddy, but he is certainly much more reckless than him, often making him wonder how he ever wound up as his best mate. He also has a big crush on Eddy's older sister, Melina, despite how much Melina hates him. He is also not the favorite of Eddy's girlfriend, Stacey Morgan, who has made constant remarks about how Gary serves as a bad influence to him.

- Mary Birch (18) is Eddy Burton's Ex-Girlfriend. She is 5'10" tall, she has long, red hair and green eyes. Unlike Stacey Morgan, Mary is almost exactly like Melina Burton in every way. She is beautiful and she is not afraid to show herself off, despite only being a few pounds overweight and still growing due to her eating habits. She also has a mean streak, particularly towards Eddy while the two were going out. The two started dating back when they were both in 11th Grade, but after 8 months of dating, Eddy broke up with her after finally standing up for himself. Despite her relationship with Eddy, Mary gets along very well with Melina, although Melina is oblivious to Mary's crush on George Blake. However since breaking up with him, Mary still has feelings for Eddy, but she holds a horrible grudge against him currently for planning to move to Europe with his new girlfriend, Stacey. Mary is also a frequent visitor to Eddy's home, but only because she is a close friend to Melina. Mary also has a part-time job as a waitress in the same restaurant as Melina. Mary also has a Driving License and has an 8-year old brother named Michael.

- Bethany Swick (17) was a childhood friend with Stacey Morgan. They both met in fourth grade and have been best friends ever since, until they were both in 10th Grade. One day, Bethany bought a packet of Rainbow Drops. After she learnt of the power of the drops, she decided to publicly humiliate Stacey 'for a laugh'. This triggered a number of events resulting in a 3-inch tall Stacey being kept prisoner by Bethany for 3 days until Stacey escaped and regained her original height. The two argued as the drops were thrown into the garbage and thus the friendship was over. A few weeks later, Bethany moved away with her family out of the city after a series of threats from Stacey. Currently, Bethany stands in only 5'2" tall, has blonde hair with blue eyes and resides and attends school in San Diego. Since dating, Stacey Morgan has never told Eddy Burton about her experience with Bethany at all.

- Hayley Donovan (17) has been close friends with Stacey Morgan since first grade. Hayley is 5'2" tall, brunette and has hazel eyes, but most notably is that she is incredibly obese for a girl of her young age. In fact she weighs over twice as much as Eddy does! Since Stacey started dating Eddy, Hayley has considered Eddy to be one of her best friends. Growing up has been a strain on poor Hayley, who has been on the receiving end of verbal abuse from her classmates. However there have been some occasions that suggested that Hayley was jealous of Stacey, and that she had a crush on Eddy, although this is yet to be proven, and her darker side is yet to be revealed.

There are alot more characters to come. Feel free to add some more as the story progresses, just as long as it is believable and acceptable.

Now it is time to learn about the important 'Rainbow Drop Code'. Follow this code throughout the story for it is of great relevance. It should be noted that there is several drops in one packet, each representing a different colour of the rainbow. And because of this, each different colour possesses an extra power that makes them unique to the others. Here is the list of the colours available in one packet of Rainbow Drops, as well as the probability of finding them in a packet.

Yellow Drops: The most common drop in the packet, these drops can grant any general wish that you desire. There is no real flaw about them, other than they cannot grant wishes based around love, death and mind control. Basically, these wishes only effect the physical world.
Probability: 100:35

Pink Drops: Just as powerful as Yellow Drops, but hold one big flaw. These drops will only work for those that are Born Female, as well as female minds in male bodies. These are useless to those that are Born Male, as well as male minds in female bodies.
Probability: 100:15

Blue Drops: Vice versa of the Pink Drop. These drops will only work for those that are Born Male, as well as male minds in female bodies. These are ueless to those that are Born Female, as well as female minds in male bodies.
Probability: 100:15

Red Drops: These are the only drops capable of manipulating the emotions of other beings. Although Death is still unavailable, Red Drops are capable of manipulating the thoughts and emotions of other beings, including dreams, memories, love, anger, fear and sorrow.
Probability: 100:8

Orange Drops: These drops are exactly the same as Red Drops, but holds one major difference. Whereas the effects of a wish made with a Red Drop is permanent, the effects of a wish made with an Orange Drop are only limited to last for at least 24 hours.
Probability: 100:9

Green Drops: Green Drops are completely useless. They do not hold any magical gifts whatsoever. However despite being the most useless drop in the packet, they still taste rather nice.
Probability: 100:15

Purple Drops: The rarest to find in the packet (at most 3 per bag), but perhaps the most powerful. Not only does it possess the same power of the Yellow and Red drops combined, but wishes made with these drops can never be reversed. No magic in the world can reverse these wishes. The only thing capable of reversing these wishes is another Purple Drop. So be warned whilst using the third and final drop of the packet, and be careful what you wish for.
Probability: 100:3 Maximum, sometimes can be reduced to 100:2

Remember this code, or else your post will be edited or deleted.

Now for the rules. If you wish to contribute to this story, you must follow these rules, otherwise your addition will be either deleted or edited entirely.

1. No Death, Killing or Suicide, unless it is permitted.
2. Sex is permitted, Heterosexual and Homosexual, but as long as it is clean and acceptable for the rating. Nothing too descriptive. Also, No Pedophilia.
3. Permission is needed if you wish to add a member of the Burton, Morgan, Blake or Cartwright families.
4. Feel free to create any character you want, from family friends to complete strangers, as long as they are not apart of one of the primary families.
5. Remember the 'Rainbow Drop Code' for future use.
6. If any addition to the story is unsatisfactory to me I will edit. Please do not take offense by this, but at least improve your grammar, and at least think of a good title for your addition!
7. If you want, you can merely post a brief summary of what happens in the story in your addition. If you do this, I will edit, hopefully to satisfy the expectations of both you and myself. Everyone is happy!
8. Keep an eye on this page for further rules, additional characters, etc.

And most importantly, Enjoy!
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