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  1. Who gets the power?
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Someone you know gains the ability to possess others...
Chapter #1

Who gets the power?

    by: Donorface
So, who gets the power?

A quick rundown of the choices:

Rebecca, your Mom: While she's 43 years old, she certainly doesn't look it, despite your Dad's running away. You've even heard rumours that your classmates consider her the greatest MILF of all time.

Heather, your Twin Sister: Yeah, Mom had twins, and Heather got more of the looks than you (not that you're a bad-looking guy). You don't mind that much, though your relationship with her is a little schizophrenic - one minute, you're all buddy-buddy, the next, you're at each other's throats.

Tracy, your Girlfriend: Tracy is amazing and amazingly beautiful, and you consider yourself lucky for having caught her attention. Unfortunately, Girlfriend may soon become Ex-girlfriend, as she's starting to tell you that she can't find a way to spice up the relationship.

Jimmy, your Friend: Jimmy... can be a little crazy at times. Still, his antics have always been hilarious, except for maybe that one time with the washing-up bowl.

You have the following choices:

1. Rebecca

2. Heather

3. Tracy

4. Jimmy

5. See the other five choices

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