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For years, humans have been tiny pets for anthros to play with. No more. 9,340+ Views

For years, humans have been tiny pets for anthros to play with. No more. 9,340+ Views

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*Please note, this story is based off of the Human Pet thread in Flangies's New Student interactive.*

Here is the link, using the bitem system, to that story. *Please note, The author of the story gave me his permission to put it on this page.*

New Student  (13+)
You are the first human in history to go to a school for giant anthros.
#1319633 by Flangies

"Remembrance of a Bleak Past

Centuries ago, humans were once able to grow to six feet tall, and sometimes taller. They were also the dominate species of the planet.

That changed the day the anthros showed up. Whether they had been living in underground cities or came from another planet, it didn't matter. What mattered is the fact that, due to their superior technology, they were able to conquer the human race and shrank them. Then, instead of wiping them out, the anthros made the humans their pets.

Nowadays, a human was lucky to reach the height of one foot, but that was only if their master decided to grow them that high, as the shrink/growing ability was something that all anthros had. Kept between the heights of an eighth of an inch to one foot, the humans were forced to depend on their anthro masters for survival. Slowly, over time, the humans forgot their past, as did the anthro population in general, who treated them like they were adorable pets, being gentle to them, bathing them, feeding them, and so forth.

However, there were those in power who knew the truth that the masses didn't know, that humans were once the dominate species on the planet. As a result, they destroyed anything related to the past, to prevent people from not only knowing the truth, but to prevent them from reversing the process that kept humans at their current less that a foot size and releasing them.

Despite their best efforts however, one man figured out the truth. He had discovered something, an old book. This book had no anthros in it, only humans. What was more, a human was listed as the author, with a picture of the man on the cover page. The man who discovered the book, a fox anthro, who was a scientist, kept the book and started examining it at home in his lab. After comparing the objects in the background, like a bench, a small coppery-coin in his hand, and a few other things, he realized that the man must of been close to six feet tall, six times the maximum size that humans should be.

As a result, the man started to tinker in his lab and created a machine. This device magnified his ability to grow or shrink the human that he had bought as a pet for his young daughter. He then set up an experiment, to see how intelligent the boy was. To his surprise, the boy, who was the same age as his daughter, was almost as intelligent as anthros that were around the same age as him. After that, he started to teach him how to read and write, to see how intelligent the boy could be. Needless to say, he started to see the boy as less and less of a pet, and more and more like a son. Also, he left the boy at his true size, unless someone came over, and had to shrink him for his safety.

A while later, the scientist started to gather people who wanted humans to be treated better around him, although he was careful to keep the information about the book, and anything related to it, quiet. Unfortunately, someone in the government found out about him, and sent assassins to kill him, and those with him. However, the rebellion had just begun, as he had sent his daughter, and her pet human, to her aunt's place, ostentatiously so that she would grow up to be a proper young vixen, but in reality, it was for her protection.

Here are the rules.

1. Anthros have the power to shrink/grow other sentient beings, though they tend to do this to humans for the most part.

2. Sex is allowed, but try to keep it casual. Gay/lesbian, straight, bisexual, are all allowed, as is sex between humans and anthros.

3. Since a rebellion is going on, there can be battle scenes, just don't cover the whole screen with blood and gore, as it were.

4. Keep your additions in the third person, like if a camera was following the person.

5. Nudity is allowed, but don't go overly descriptive.

6. No Vore or anything related to it.

Other than that, have fun.

Oh, one more thing, while they may be rebels, the group does respect the sanctity of hospitals, schools and churches, or its equivalent. They are not to attack/raid those places.

Oh, here is a list of things I've made.

Things I've made.  (ASR)
A list of things I've made.
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