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  1. The Island
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You are stranded on an island with anthro amazons, ruled by a giantess
Chapter 1

The Island

You lay back in your chair on the deck of the ship. You bask in the warm sun, in your swim trunks and Hawian shirt. You sure were lucky that you won that sweepstakes back home. The one that got you this vacation. The sea is a crystal blue, the sun is shining, the fish are jumping, the clouds are thundering.......Wait, clouds?

You open your eyes and see some dark clouds on the horizon to the west. You can hear their booming thunder from here. You lay back in your chair, not worrying about it. It'll probably pass right over you, you think.


Lightning flashes through the sky, as rain pounds on the ships deck. You were caught unaware by the storm, and try desperatley to get to your cabin. You run across the deck, slipping on the rain soaked surface. You are drenched, it'll take you weeks to get dry again. The storm churns the sea, waves rock the ship back and forth.

You crawl across the deck on your belly, trying to get back to your feet. Suddenly, a massive wave rams into the side of the ship, splashing over the deck, sweeping you away with it, across the deck, into the sea.

The waves toss you around through the water like a rag doll. You open your mouth to yell for help, but it is filled with salty water. There is no hope for you now. Your vision begins to fade, as you sink below the waves. You stare at the rippling surface of the water as everything goes black.

Suddenly, you can breathe again! You open your eyes. You're laying face down on an island beach. You lift your face out of the sand, staring at your surroundings. You have no idea where you could be. You didn't even know there were any islands nearby. On the edge of the beach is a thick jungle.

You wobbly get onto your feet and trudge across the beach, still soaking wet. The jungle is lush and humid, with many different animal calls sounding in the distance. You make your way through the jungle, pushing branches and brush aside.

Suddenly, as you step on a pile of palm leaves,you hear a loud cracking sound, as the leaves crumble beneath you, and you fall into a pit. Spilntered bamboo and leaves lay all around you as you look up to the top. The pit is at least ten feet deep, and there is nothing you can use as footholds to climb out.

You sit at the bottom of the pit for over an hour, hoping someone comes and finds you. Then you hear voices. "Hey! We caught something!" Staring down at you, is the strangest creature you've ever seen. It is at least ten feet tall, and appears to be female. It was dressed in a a grass skirt, and a leather bra. But the strangest thing, was that it appeared to be a skunk! Or at least, a skunk with a humanoid body.

Another one of the creatures appeared beside it, this one was a fox. They both carried long spears, with golden spearheads. "What is it?" The fox asked to the skunk. "Whatever it is, it isn't one of us. Therefore, we should take it to our ruler, and let her decide what to do with it." The skunk reaches down and grabs you by the wrist. She single handedly pulls you out of the hole.

They tie a think vine around your wrists, and pull you along with them. You forcefully follow them through the jungle, dreading what might become of you. Suddenly, the jungle breaks, opening into an Aztec-like city. They continue to drag you though the city streets, which are populated by more of these anthro beings, who stare at you, as though they're never seen a human before.

They bring you to the steps of an enormous, grand palace, big enough to be a city on it's own. They drag you inside, to an elaborate throne room. They force you onto your knees, facing the floor. "My empress." Says the skunk. "We captured this man in the jungle. What shall we do with him?"

"Bring him to me." You hear another voice say. You are forcefully shoved towards the massive throne. You stumble as you gaze up at the biggest thing you've ever seen. It's another anthro, at least three football fields high!

But, what anthro is it?
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