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Squidgirl learns that she has the power to grow as large as a giant squid! Chaos ensues!

Squidgirl learns that she has the power to grow as large as a giant squid! Chaos ensues!

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A giantess story Based on the anime "Shinryaku! Ika Musume". One day, Squidgirl wakes up to discover that she somehow gained the ability to grow to the size of a giant squid (that's about 43 ft. tall, just so you know). How will Squidgirl use this new power? Will she maintain the friendly, if not slightly mischievous, personality that she has grown into over the course of the show and use it to help people out? Will she take this as her ticket to fulfilling her original mission of conquering all of humanity? Maybe she'll just use it to go out and have some giantess style fun the way only someone who is part squid can. I'll leave it up to you.

Here's some info on the series for those who don't know about it:

Also, for those of you who haven't seen this series and would like to, here are some links to where you can watch it:
Dub- http://dubhappy.com/anime/squid-girl/
Sub- http://anilinkz.com/category/shinryaku-ika-musume


1) Squidgirl can only grow to a maximum of 66 feet tall. That is the largest (yet unconfirmed) reported size of a real giant squid. Her size can be anywhere between there and her normal size. She only has the power to grow to the size of a giant squid, and I don't want her to go beyond the that. You know what, screw this rule. Feel free to make her grow as big as you want.

2) Don't write one line chapters.

3) Keep the grammar at a point where I don't need an hour to decipher it. I want to be able to understand what I'm reading.

4) No male giants!

5) Remember: as her name implies, Squidgirl is part squid. Be sure to make use of her tentacles and other squid-like powers. I want to see her using her tentacles to tear buildings off their foundations, or using her squid ink to flood the entire town. Try to make her squid powers remain a common theme so that this doesn't become just another generic giantess story with no original concept. (not that I have anything against those stories, but that's not what this one is meant to be.)

6) Just to be clear, Squidgirl is only able to use her power to make herself grow. Not anyone else. Her normal clothes won't grow with her on their own, but she is able to concentrate some of her power on them in order to keep them in proportion to her body. I would like the general assumption to be that she always does this unless otherwise stated.

7) You can have other female characters grow by means other than Squidgirl's power (Cindy and the scientist guys invent a growth ray that only works on women, radioactive waste contaminated their dinner, whatever crazy excuse you want to come up with), just try to keep giantess Squidgirl as the main focus of the story for the most part.

In order to improve the reading experience, I'll try to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes I find. I also reserve the right to make minor alterations to chapters if it is necessary to insert detail or correct one of the above rules being broken. If a chapter is too poorly written for me to fix, then it will be deleted. Chapters that I have to delete will not qualify for the GP reward.

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