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Have fun with all your fetishes, Feet, expansion, scat, vore, shrinking, growing ect.
Chapter 1


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You awake, and seem to be in a hospital. Now you remeber what happened you got hit by a car. You call for a nurse. After about five minute of waiting the nurse walks in. As she walks in you scream "Who the fuck are are you!" at the lizardwoman. You can't believe your eyes. The lizardwoman replies "Don't scream, it makes you look like a fool. This is the hospital where people go when they die." Your stunned. You just stare. She says "I'm alice nice to meet you I will be your guide to this world of fetish paradise. You will have a lot of fun." You respond "Hi... I'm Tim nice to meet you." The lizard woman says " Tim I am going to leave you here while you recuperate. After a week you are ready to leave to try all the facilities. "Hmmm so many things to choose from, foot fetish, scat, vore...." He thinks to himself.
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1.   Foot fetish

2.   Scat

3.   Vore

4.   Expansion

5.   More

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