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  1. Welcome to Plagues
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by sup
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A brand new epidemic sweeps across the world and how it reacts all depends on you.
Chapter 1

Welcome to Plagues

    by: sup   More by this author
You have now entered the world of plagues. Now before you all get off and start writing...what sort of virus has infected the world?

Expanditis: A disease that causes the infected to rapidly gain weight and have an increase in appetite. Transmitted through saliva and bites.

Size Disorder A disease that alters the infected's size in some way. Size Disorder S causes the infected to shrink and Size Disorder G causes growth. Caution: those with G have more heightened emotions.

Gender Bender Virus: A disease that changes the gender of those who contract it. Gender Bender Virus B changes women into men, men are unaffected. Gender Bender Virus G changes men into women, women are unaffected.

Ageitis: A disease that directly effects the aging process. Those with the R strain slowly grow younger until they either hit childhood or baby age. P strain makes them grow older until they eventually die of old age.

Be sure you choose wisely because once you pick a virus, there is no adding any of the others.
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