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  1. A chase threw many worlds
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Sonic the hedgehog and pals crossover into different genres.
Chapter 1

A chase threw many worlds

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"Okay, Sonic. Reports say that Eggman and Metal Sonic were sighted near a strange portal." said Tails in the tornado.

"Portal? Are you sure about that?" said Knuckles.

"Sounds like a fun time for people on the go, which is me of course." said Sonic running toward the area.

"HOHOHO! My greatest plan is in action. My army is inside with Metal Sonic and I will rule the world." said Eggman.

"A world of morons?" said the hedgehog.

"Sonic?! What a perfect day. I get to conceur a new world and destroy Sonic. Egg Hawk, deploy."

Then a metallic hawk came down. Eggman walked inside and went through the portal saying,"Come and get me, hedgehog."

"Wann play tag? Fine by me."

He then hastely ran through the portal after Eggman.

"We better go after them, Knuckles."

"Sure, after all, we have to clean up the mess."

The tornado followed sonic with Tails and Knuckles abord.

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