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  1. Welcome to your New Home
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You wake up in a new world, but you're only a few inches tall.
Chapter 1

Welcome to your New Home

    by: Rhita Gawr   More by this author
You woke up feeling like you'd slept outside in the dirt. You remembered going to bed in your room just like normal. Why would you feel any different now? You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, and looked around. You jumped up in shock. You were in some kind of jungle! You then took a second look, and realized that all the trees were huge.

"No, they're not huge..." You said, looking down at the ground. All the grass was about as long as you, and some of it was twice as tall. You figured that you were only about an inch tall! You began to panic, and was about to start running around, when your left foot bumped into something. You looked down to see a book that was the size of books you'd remembered. You opened it up and began to read from a random page.

After all my research, I have found that all of the inhabitants of this strange world are female. I haven't had much time here anyway, but that seems the only possible way. And yet, they still multiply. I can only wonder why.

You closed the book, even more startled now. And then, a new thought occurred to you, and you opened it again, reading through it quickly. Only about a few pages in, it ended, the person writing about being chased by... Something. But you had learned one very important detail, at least.

Everything here was much larger than you.

You put the book back where you found it, having no way to carry it easily and still travel. It was then that you finally fully took in your surroundings. In one direction, you saw a lake of some sort, and off to the left of that looked like some kind of open field, probably a plain of some sort. You could always go deeper into the jungle, or head out to a more sandy area that you saw to the farther left of the plains. Probably a desert. Or you could just stay here for now,and try to figure things out.

After some thought, you decided what you would do.
Where will this interactive story go?

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1.   Into the Jungle

2.   To the Lake *

3.   Out to the Plains

4.   The Desert

5.   Stay put for now

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