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You are shrunk in an airport.
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Chapter 2


    by: SWP   More by this author
You wake up confused. You take a look at your surroundings. Everything seems huge! The room in which you are standing looks like it extends for miles. The earth below is in perpetual vibration as colossal legs and feet make their way through the airport. You never noticed how busy and chaotic this place was until everything's been blown up to mass proportions. Before you can get your bearings straight, a giant foot comes right towards you. The thing is ten times your size and about to land on top of you. You just manage to jump out of the way in time, but the noise produced by the step alone is enough to hurt you. You look up, and it's just someone casually walking by with no idea of your presence, unaware of your near death experience.

You regain your composure and begin to plan what to do, when you are interrupted by...

"What the heck is that on the ground?!" a voice exclaims.

You look up to see who it is that has spotted you. It's...
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