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Long ago the human race lived in fear of beings now consigned to myth.
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Chapter #2

A voyage of exploration

    by: Fares002
The Captain of “Voyage of Exploration” stood there on the port side of the ship, scanning the horizon with his binoculars, trying to find new and fascinating lands to explore in the Name of England.

The year, 1976, Captain Smith was charged was charged with remapping the North Sea. That included any new islands and lands he happened to find.

“Captain, Captain,’ called out the First mate Samee, ‘We’ve found land. Off of the Starboard side of the ship. Seems to be nearly 5 km away sir. We looked at the maps, it isn’t on any of our maps. This will be a great exploration of a new land.”

“Make it so Samee. We have no time to lose. For England!” said Captain Smith.

“All right everyone! You heard the Captain. We’re going to dock. Let’s get to it,” said Samee.

Several hours later they had anchored the ship and went ashore.

“Lets make this a good day of exploring gentleman. There is no time to lose, it seems like a big island so expect us to be here for at least a few days mapping out this hunk of land,’ said the Captain. ‘Break up into groups of 2-3 and start exploring gentleman.”

The group of men broke off and started to explore, the Captain, First mate Samee, and the ship’s map maker made a team and walked into the deeper part of the island.

You have the following choices:

1. They bump into a group of young Centaurs

2. They are ambushed by Centaurs

3. They accidently walk into a Centaur town

4. Other

5. Other

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