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  1. Growing Boredom
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A group of girls with a shared fetish for the feet of other girls go hunting for others.
Chapter 1

Growing Boredom

    by: WorgenFreeMan   More by this author
It was a typical day for the Girls' Foot Club. As it was Friday they spent the day at Cheyenne's rather accommodating house(thanks to her success stories of parents)and had prepared for a grand sleepover. Cheyenne's house was the most viable for the weekend as her parents went out during Fridays and its large rec room downstairs could have easily hosted a party by itself. All four of them were down there in the midst of enjoying each others' company and feet.

Ashley and Kelsey were both worshiping Cheyenne's large size 12 feet. The big toes flexed at each lick as her purple nail polish glistened in the dim light. Isabella was worshiping both Ashley's smaller size 6 feet with the puffy toes wiggling as her sensitive red soles were being licked, and Kelsey's pale size 9 feet, whose long toes were crunching as her soles were being licked, managing to reach Isabella's nose for the girl behind to smell.

Eventually they switched positions with the narrow soles of Kelsey receiving worship from Cheyenne and Isabella while Ashley tends to them both. Isabella's fresh and smooth size 8 feet twitched at the first few licks before they relaxed. However after several all four girls ended their session and sat in a circle on the carpet.

All four wore a bored look on their faces. After almost a minute of silence Ashley eventually said, "We need to get some new girls in here," as she wiped her hot, sweaty feet with a cool wet cloth.

Kelsey stared at her long toes as they fiddled about with each other, cut in with "Well, if we managed to get this group together, I bet we can find a new girl or two."

Cheyenne cooled her big feet off with a large electric fan and already knew what to do. "I will go to the Soccer Field, I know one of the regulars there will join us," she says with excitement at the prospect of fresh feet to play with.

Isabella perked up and smiled a bit as she says, "I'll head to the Library—it is an easy spot to find somebody to join."

Ashley then rose up and her small feet quivered for a moment before settling. "I can roll on my board over to the Skate Park, and Kelsey—you look around in the Mall—for tomorrow we all go separate ways and each of us should be able to bring a girl with us."

Everyone else rose after her with Cheyenne the second on her huge feet.

Isabella stretched on the tips of her sleek toes for a moment before the soles settled on the soft carpet.

Kelsey only got up after having snapped out from the hypnotizing sight of her elegant and long toes.

They all headed into the bedroom nearby and all of them slept beside each other in sleeping blankets. On any other day they would continue their worship here but there was no time as they needed rest for the busy day.

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