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You inherit a farm inhabited by anthros
Chapter 1


The headlights of your car cut through the darkness of the cool night as you drive down a long dirt road, past countless miles of fields and wooden fence. Apparently, your Uncle Derrick must have been a hermit or something, because the farmhouse up ahead is the first house you’ve seen in at least an hour. You have no idea why he left it to you, or that he even owned a farm.

You also have no idea what you are going to do with it. You know nothing about farming, and you never even considered doing it for a living, because getting up at four in the morning and working your ass off until nightfall, no matter the weather conditions, just didn’t sound very appealing to you.

But you decided to check it out anyway. Which is why you flew all the way across the country to see the place. Maybe you could just sell the place and be done with it. As you pull into the long dirt driveway, the place looks like any other farm you’ve seen. Wide open fields, a barn, stable, etc. But there is no sign of any corn fields, or crops of any kind. Guess Uncle Derrick didn’t really do any farming either. But why would he own this place then?

You park directly in front of the farmhouse and get out of your car. You can’t really make out what the house looks like in the dark. As you walk up the steps and across the porch, you dig into your pocket for the house-key that had been included with the land deed for this place in your uncle’s will. You insert the key into the lock, but you have to jiggle it a little before the door opens.

From the moonlight streaming in through the windows, it looks like you’ve entered the kitchen. You can see a table in the center of the room and can make out the outline of cabinets and a stove on the walls. But you notice something strange. A dim light coming from the doorway into the living room. Odd, there shouldn’t be anyone here. You peek around the corner of the doorway, and see that the fireplace at the far end of the room is lit. Laying in front of the hearth, curled in a ball, is a strange black shape.

“What the hell?” You think to yourself. You cautiously make your way towards the black shape, almost tip-toeing. But as you are about two feet from the strange thing, you fell your foot tread on something, and in that instant, the black shape leaps up to it’s full height , giving off a yowl of pain.

The strange creature is almost eye level with you, maybe just a bit taller. It appears to be some sort of cat! Except, it’s standing on two legs, and seems to have a body similar to a human’s with cat like features! It is covered from head to toe in black fur, with glowing yellow eyes and a small hoop earring in it’s left ear. Claws as sharp as razors tip each of it’s fingers and toes. It appears to be female from it’s rather trim body and breasts that looked to be a C-cup.

You realize the thing you had stepped on was this creature’s tail, as you could see it leading from under your foot, all the way to her backside. Her tail was very long and flexible, and made this creature seem all the more strange.

What ever this thing was, she looked pissed. She yanks her tail out from under your foot and gets down on all fours, claws digging into the floor. She arches her back, the fur standing on end, and hisses at you angrily, showing her gleaming white fangs.

You step back, knowing that this cat-thing was about to maul your ass. Then you hear footsteps coming from upstairs, and a female voice. “Tara? What’s going on?” You see a light illuminate the staircase to your right and see a shadow coming down the stairs. When the figure reaches the bottom, you can’t believe your eyes. Standing there in another animal/human hybrid. This one was a dog, a husky to be exact. She had a white belly, breasts and face, the same for her hands and feet. The rest of her body was covered in black, except for the tip of her tail.

Her icy blue eyes light up upon seeing you, she charges towards you and practically tackles you to the ground. She sits on top of your stomach, stradling you. You close your eyes and wait for the chomp, thinking that these strange creatures are going to eat you.

But instead of teeth, you feel her tongue slide across you face again and again, her tail wagging excitedly. “I’m so glad you’re finally here!” Says the husky. You open your eyes to see her smiling down at you. “Um…….thanks?” You say. “Could you please get off of me?” The husky obediently does so, allowing you to get up. You steadily get back on your feet, eyeing the strange creatures in front of you. The cat stands there with her arms crossed, a look of contempt on her face, while the husky stars at you with a happy, excited look.

“Who are you?” you finally manage to ask. “Better yet, what are you?” “Oh, I’m sorry.” Says the husky. “I suppose an explanation is due. My name is Sasha, and this is Tara.” She nodded toward the cat, who only gave you a cold stare as a response. “As to what we are, as you can see, we are animals, but no completely so. I believe you humans commonly call us “furries” or “anthros”.”

You nodded slowly. “Can you tell me what you are doing in my uncle’s, well, actually my house?” Sasha walk over to a nearby sofa and motions for you to sit. You do so, and she lays down across your lap, belly up. “Didn’t you wonder why your uncle left you this farm?” she asks. “Yes, the entire way here.” You say.

“Well, we‘re the reason.” Says Sasha. “You see, your uncle took care of me and my friends for several years, but as his final days wore on, he told us of his nephew who volunteers at a local animal shelter and loves animals. He knew you would take good care of us.”

“Well,” You say. “It’s true I volunteer and care for animals, but this is all a bit much to take in. I mean, did my uncle inherit this farm too?” “Oh no.” Says Sasha. “He found this place one day when he got lost and stopped here to ask to for directions. He was the only other human to know about us because we live so far from human civilization.”

The entire time Sasha had been speaking, Tara continued staring at you, which kind of unsettled you. “What’s with her?” You ask, gesturing to Tara. “Oh, she’s always moody, that and you stepped on her tail. Pay her no mind.” Tara hissed at Sasha, but she ignored her.

“Are there any others like you?” You ask. “Oh yeah.” says Sasha. “There’s Bess the cow, Marie the mare, Jane the sheep, and Luna the bat. You’ll meet them tomorrow. In the meantime, you must be so tired after your long trip here, would you like to rest.” you nod, sleep sounds pretty good right now. “Come with me.” Says Sasha as she gets up and leads you upstairs as Tara gets back in her spot in front of the fireplace.

“Since your uncle passed on, I’ve been running things around here.” Says Sasha as she leads you up the stairs. “Now that you’re here, things can get back to normal.” “But how can you expect me to just give up my life to baby-sit a bunch of animals?” You say.

Sasha turns to you, a scowl on her face. “Isn’t that what you did before you came here?” You pause for a moment and realize that she’s right, that was basically what you did anyway. She takes your silence as a yes. “Well then, you can’t really complain, can you?” She says as she leads you to the bedroom. “Besides, I think you’ll like it much better here than in the city. It’s peaceful and quiet here, and all you really have to do is make sure we’re fed and cared for, and keep us company. It’s not like you’ll be doing any farm work around here.”

She open the door to the bedroom and leads pushes you inside. You can’t really make out the room due to the darkness, but you feel yourself flop onto a soft bed. Sasha crawls in next to you and cuddles up with you. “goodnight.” she says, licking you once more before falling asleep. After all you’ve been through, you fall asleep yourself. your last conscious thought is “When I wake up, I’m getting a cat-scan.”

When you wake up, you don’t open your eyes right away. You can feel you are in your bed by yourself, so you think what happened last night must have been a dream. But as you open your eyes, you see that it wasn’t. You’re not in your room, you’re in a strange room you’ve never seen. Guess it wasn’t a dream.

You get out of bed and head downstairs. In the kitchen, Tara sits at the table, lapping at a glass of milk, while Sasha stood in front of the stove with an apron, cooking eggs and bacon. “Good morning!” she says cheerfully as she places your plate at the table. You sit down, but don’t eat just yet.

“Where did you get the food?” You ask. “Oh, the eggs we get from our flock of chicken. They’re the only normal animals on the farm. The bacon we had in the freezer, and the milk we get from Bess. Speaking of whom, you might want to milk her today. The poor girl hasn’t been milked for weeks, now she’s so swollen it looks like she has two pink beachballs attached to her chest.”

“Anything else?” You ask, taking a bite of bacon. “Well, Jane needs to be sheared, Marie needs to be groomed, and you better keep an eye out for Vicky.” “Who?” You ask. “Vicky, that pesky fox from the forest at the edge of the farm. She’s always trying to steal our chickens and causing trouble. One more thing, Luna is normally asleep now, but maybe you should go wake her up just so she knows you’re here, since we rarely even see her.”
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1.   Go milk Bess

2.   Go groom Marie

3.   Go wake Luna

4.   Go shear Jane

5.   Vicky is after the chickens again!

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