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  1. Morning
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Stans silly daydreams of shrinking himself finally become a reality!
Chapter #1


    by: smallone
You are Stan Jones. You were adopted when you were a teenager by your foster parents Lisa and her brother Rob and are now 18. They are both siblings, along with your Aunt Brenda who love you, but dont view as their son, but rather a guest in the house. You have an older brother Mark. You have a friend, Steve who lives with his foster parents and siblings because he was adopted just like you. Your life was completely normal until now when your family came into a bit of money troubles.You always had ideas about being tiny and now is your chance to really help out the family. You decide that its a great idea to shrink yourself, in order to save money on things along with the payment from the lab! You tap your glass to get everyones attention to make an announcement.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make. Well as you know we are going through a tough time right now after Stacy losing her scholarship money and all, I realized I need to do something to help out. That night I was watching some videos on the internet and I saw one about a lab near my town that had successfully shrunk a monkey. They were looking for testers in humans telling them they could stay small if the want to and it never wears off unless they get the antidote. So I went the next day to the lab and they gave me the pill, I stole a sugar pill from the control group and took that instead, I wanted to be shrunk at home first. I have it right here."
After an awkward silence of a few minutes your family begins to talk about it
"But this is dangerous Stan! You could get hurt or killed!" Lisa complains
"Funny you should say that mom, the pill actually makes my body completely indestructible!" you assure her
The pill was designed to shrink you to a few inches tall with zero side affects, besides a headache from the initial perspective change. You were short anyway, they constantly made fun of you for being short but you didnt really mind.
"Well I think it’s a great idea Stan, you are taking full responsibility and really helping out this family. Plus whats a few more inches off pipsqueak?!" you uncle rob says, grinning
You pop the pill into your mouth and take a sip of water. After 20 minutes you pass out. You woke up

You have the following choices:

1. At home

2. Your friends house

3. The Beach

4. You were sold on the black market!

5. Work

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