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  1. Good Morning, Sleepyhead
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An unaware shrinking interactive with a storytelling twist
Chapter 1

Good Morning, Sleepyhead

    by: Joe Random   More by this author
You blink your eyes, as you try to adjust to the early morning light.

You yawn, briefly disoriented. You don't remember going to sleep. You remember going out for a walk -- just a short one, nothing crazy. You remember seeing that strange light that you went over to, and then it slid around you like a glove, and then --

-- then you woke up.

You sit up, heart racing and head pounding. You don't remember anything after that. And you're still wearing your shorts and shirt and shoes from the night before. And you're not in your bed.

It's that last one that really causes you to panic. You get up off the ground where you were laying. You aren't on the sidewalk near your house, either. You're laying on some vast plain made out of slightly rough wood. It's like a giant basketball court, only no baskets. You see some ways off a wall that seems to climb to infinity. Where are you -- some kind of warehouse?

No, it's bigger than that. In the dim light of the early morning, you see a building, the size of an office tower, draped in some sort of white fabric. You begin walking toward it, and that's when you see something that causes your heart to skip a beat.

It's some distance away, sitting near the base of the building. A white hill, sitting next to its twin. A white hill, with blue markings. Blue markings that are clearly and unmistakably a Nike swoosh.

By those hills sit some other monoliths, red that rise on stilts, smaller blue ones, larger black ones. All of them, a half-dozen pair in all, clearly shoes.

Shoes belonging to people who are so much bigger than you that your mind can't comprehend it.

You turn around, trying to get your bearings. You can see beyond the tower rises an enormous window, and beside it, a door. You're in an entryway. Where the people kick their shoes off at the end of the day. The tower is some sort of table.

Behind you, you see a set of stairs that climb to the heavens. Bedrooms are up there. You think you can spot a kitchen if you head left of the stairs and down the -- it seems impossible for this to be a hallway, but there you are. Another door seems to promise a living room.

You are in full panic, but you still know that you have to do something. You can't just stand in the middle of the hallway. You have to go get yourself secure someplace. And maybe get these people's attention. Or maybe try to avoid that at all costs.

You gather yourself. It's morning. They'll be getting up soon. You don't have a lot of time. The way you see it, you have a few options. If you want to get noticed, you could head over to the shoes. They'll stop by there on their way out. You can get their attention. Otherwise, you could go to the living room, and maybe get someone's attention there...somehow.

Then again, maybe you should head to to the kitchen. Whether you want to be found or not, there will be food there. And the family will probably go there in the morning. Or maybe you should try to escape the house altogether. If you just wait right by the door, you could slip out when they leave in the morning.

After thinking it over, you nod and head off for your destination. Once you secure yourself there, there's nothing to but wait for the giants who live here to awake.
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