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The ultimate weight gain story of Zack and Cody from The Suite life of Z&C
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Chapter 2

Cody's Newest Invention

    by: pedro01   More by this author
Cody Martin, a younger twin looking identical as much as his blonde hair in all, but he was all in his smart side with straight A's at school, smart with his sweatshirt he always were in different circumstances. The problem of not looking identical is the size of themselves. He was on the healthy side, looking after his body in healthy foods and has no trouble with his weight, it's his brother named, Zack is the problem of its scheme, and here's why:

Zack is a lazy town than his brother. He may be older, but not wise as far as his attitude goes. No straight A's expect, he'll mostly receiving the F's, whatever the matter he's on. He's eating junk food and puts on more weight than Cody's as far as comparison was concerned, and that's when Cody had to take in the matter in his hands.

He wanted to give Zack the example on how life can be if he continues to eat junk food and gaining weight as much as he feels like it. That's when he decided to build his inventions made at Arwin's basement to work on. Although, he may have some help from the janitor himself, Cody was even finished it just two weeks into the scheme. It looked like a remote controller, but what it does is it makes food into fattened calories of amount when it zapped by a button in the middle. It looked pretty straight forward, and Cody wanted to see the results in person, and he's looking forward to get his hands on his brother's fate.

Now, Cody was making some dinner for Zack as it was that time for breakfast. Once it was all cooked and ready to call his brother out, he quickly uses the remote and make ________ into higher calories as it could to fatten Zack up.
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